Mila Kunis pregnant? Actress caught with a rounded belly

Mila Kunis is pregnant? The news that the actress and her husband Ashton Kutcher would become parents for the third time circulated in the media. What do American tabloids write?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher they got married 6 years ago. The actors knew each other for 15 years – they played together in the series Pink 70’s, however, they did not come closer until three years before their wedding. The couple are raising two children – 5-year-old Wyatt and 3-year-old Dimitri.

In one of the interviews, Mila admitted that they do not pamper the offspring. Her goal is for them to know the value of their hard-earned money from an early age:

It is very important because we both come from poor families, we grew up poor and we worked hard on ourselves, thanks to which we know the value of every dollar – she said in Kyle and Jackie About the show.

The fortune of an American pair of actors is estimated at millions, and with such a fortune, it would be easy to spoil the children. However, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher want to inculcate basic values ​​in their children, and they do it from an early age.

American tabloids have just spread the news that they will be parents for the third time.

Mila Kunis is pregnant?

It is said that a crisis has crept into Mila and Ashton’s relationship. People from the closest circle reveal that the routine caused the spouses to distance themselves from each other.

Mila was frustrated by the fact that Ashton put her career first. He did not help her with running the house, with the children. He only took care of himself and acted like an asshole – says the couple’s friend in an interview with “Star”. All he could do was stare at the TV for hours. Mila was fed up. She was furious and stressed out by the whole situation. She wanted to leave him.

The isolation did not improve the situation. The closure left the actress struggling with additional stress and suspected her husband of infidelity.

At one point, they were close to madness. Thanks to psychotherapy, the situation has normalized a bit, although Mila still has a problem with trust. Even though Ashton hasn’t betrayed her, he is afraid of it all the time.

Recall that when Ashtom was married to Demi Moore, he was notoriously cheating. This has never happened in relation to Kunis, but Mila’s fears cannot be overcome.

However, the couple decided to give each other a chance and went to therapy. The result is to be the actress’s pregnancy. Womans’s Day reported that Kunis was seen in Los Angeles with a mask and a clearly rounded belly. Will the rumors turn out to be true? It will turn out soon.

In the gallery, we present the photos of Mila Kunis from her previous pregnancy.

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