Mila Kunis “the happiest girl in the world”

Her perfect life is a perfect lie. In high school, Ani FaNelli encountered a cruelty that only teenagers are capable of. In his adult life, he does everything to reinvent himself. He implements a meticulously thought-out plan with impetus: a prestigious job, designer clothes and a handsome fiance with an aristocratic surname. Ani is very close to the goal now. Then there is an offer to participate in a documentary about what happened at school 14 years ago. However, there is something that only Ani knows about. A dangerous secret that can make a difference. Will the happiest girl in the world reveal a dark secret to the world? – we read in the official description of the book “The Happiest Girl in the World”.

The book “The Happiest Girl in the World”, published in 2015, was Jessica Knoll’s literary debut. The author relied on her own high school experiences when she was a victim of harassment and was raped. Compared to “The Missing Girl” by Gillian Flynn and “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins, Knoll has made the New York Times bestseller list. Over a million copies have been sold and translated into 38 languages.

Jessica Knoll will write a film based on her book and directed by Mike Barker (“Fargo”, “Broadchurch”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”). The screening of the book was already planned in 2015. Back then, Reese Witherspoon was considered for the title role. “This is one of those great novels that you cannot tear yourself away from,” the Oscar-winning actress raved about Knoll’s novel.

Mila Kunis was most recently seen in “Breaking News in Yuba County” and in the series “Head of the Family.”

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