Mila Kunis, three million dollars for her Ukraine: «Proud of my origins»

TO Chernivtsi – city in the west ofUkraineby the river Prut25 kilometers from the border with the Romania – one was formed very long tail of cars starting from Old Town and reaches the border with theEU. There, in August 1983, when those territories were still part of theSoviet Union, she’s born Mila Kunis. Emigrated as a child to the United Stateswith the dissolution ofUSSR in the background, today – from California – observes with concern the ongoing conflict in his homeland.

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“I have lived in the USA since 1991I always have felt American and i love this Village for what he has done for me and for my family,” he says the 38-year-old actress in a video posted on social media. “But I’ve never been today so proud to be Ukrainian. The events that are taking place are devastatingthere is no room for these unjust attacks on humanity» is Mila’s comment. That together with her husband Ashton Kutcher opened one fundraiser through the portal GoFundMe to help i war refugees.

“As we witness the courage of the Ukrainian people engaged in the conflict, we hear the heavy suffering of people who run away looking for security», write the Kutcher spouses on the sidelines of the clip. “This fundraiser will have an immediate impact because the proceeds will immediately go to Flexport And Airbnbtwo companies very active in the field: the first is organizing shipments of humanitarian aid at the refugee camps, the second supplies short-term accommodation free to those fleeing war”.

“I’ve never been so proud to be married to a Ukrainian» smiles Ashton, revealing that the couple inaugurated the fundraiser with a maxi donation of 3 million dollars. “The goal is to get to 30 million. Because standing by Ukraine’s side means, in times of need, support the Ukrainians».

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