Milan is also rediscovered in Europe with Pioli’s thousand weapons

With the goal in Zagreb, the Rossoneri seem to have returned to those of the golden years in the Champions League

Of course, it will be a little too soon for that Milan, mirror themselves in the ancestors led by Sacchi, Capello and Ancelotti. There is no doubt, however, that the Rossoneri of the last two years have shown that in Europe they can fit. Only on the level of the game, up to a year ago, with the comfort of the results in the current season. At the cost of repeating itself, it is impossible not to underline how many merits it has Pegs in the Rossoneri’s evolution.

A team can also exist in Italy capable of ignoring the interpreters, to be able to avoid complaining about absences because the substitutes perfectly know a fluid score but with precise principles in the two phases. Pioli has managed to complete a real undertaking. The current AC Milan always knows what to do, builds football and is able to defend himself by giving little. Finally, a clean sheet has also arrived, among other things on a not very simple field. The reasons to smile this time come from Cageyet another piece that does not make the owner regret it.

He scores the goal of the advantage but, above all, he proves not to disfigure the center of a defense that is playing the passage of the round in Champions League. The rest is done by the usual central midfield couple, with the lucid direction of Bennacer and the ability to split of Tonali. He can set up, he can act as the raider, he can break the opponent’s initiatives. Then, there is Leao. Immense when he is given the opportunity to indulge himself on the left. And there is Giroudthe perfect central pivot of a team that lives on the insertions of those coming from behind, who also knows how to be present in the middle of the area when there is a need for a finisher (even if on the occasion he has to deal with the opposing goalkeeper Livakovic).

There are also the negative notes. Rebic, deployed as a right attacking midfielder of 4-2-3-1, did not shine. He certainly does not lack the extenuating circumstances, since he was forced to play a role not his own and having to chase the opponent’s left winger (without doing it often, actually). The real disappointment, and that’s not new, still is De Ketelaere. The Belgian is unable to record and does not even have the excuse of having to fill a position that is not very congenial to him. The problem is not tactical but it seems to be interpreted more in a psychological key. CDK does not take big responsibilities, it limits itself to the homework and does it even badly. Good for Pioli who can afford even a player who seems out of the technical project. Milan can wait for him calmly. This collective can still do without the highlight purchase of the summer. At the moment we can look to the future with optimism. True, there is still a point to go before they can claim victory, but this Milan in Europe has really shown that they can stay there. And also good.

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