Milan is chaos due to the entry into force of the new traffic bans: the black boxes of the Region that allow the derogation are nowhere to be found

On the eve of the new ones driving bans in Milan for the most polluting vehicles, the devices are almost impossible to find Move-Inthat is, the branded black boxes Lombardy region which allow a derogation from the prohibitions up to a maximum of 2,000 kilometers per year. Appointments for install them in the garages in the city they can arrive at the end of October. And in the meantime it has been going on for days there controversy politics, with the governor Attilio Fontana who asked for a postponement of the anti-pollution measure, the mayor Joseph Room who opposed a decisive no, while also protesting the labor unions police who accuse the municipality of not having foreseen specific exemptions for the category of policemen.

The boundaries of “Area B” coincide more or less with i borders from Milan. From October 1, but in fact from October 3, in this area the traffic ban will come into force, from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 19.30, of all gasoline vehicles Euro 2 and diesel Euro 4 and 5. However, two exceptions, one born under the hat of arrived Sala who wanted the measure, the other under that of Lombardy region that has been opposing it for months. The first exemption allows motorists to enter Area B during prohibited hours up to 50 times a year. The second allows them to enter as many times as they want, but traveling no more than 2,000 kilometers in a year (or a lower threshold, depending on how much the vehicle pollutes), measured by the Move-In device, also used in other LTZ present in Lombardy. Each motorist can choose whether to take advantage of one or the other exemption. But here comes the hitch. Although it has been known for months that the bans would be enforced at the beginning of October, the Region was not ready: the platform on which you can register to take advantage of the derogation with Move-In it was only opened at the beginning of September, and so suppliers and installers of black boxes are no longer able to keep up with the requests of citizens who all arrived at the same time. The municipality will turn a blind eye: “For those who have applied for membership, but have not yet managed to install the control system – let us know from Marino Palace – it will be possible to use 50 inputs in derogation pending activation “. Then there are the difficulties reported by some citizens a signing in on the platform, prepared by Airthe regional company already protagonist of the pies in the first phase of vaccinations anti Covid.

Meanwhile, a question and answer session has been going on for days between the opposing factions that govern the Region and the Municipality. Fontana asked for a postponement and one revision of the prohibitions, Matteo Salvini accused Sala of “leaving those who do not have the money to buy an avant-garde car on foot”, while the mayor replied: “The Northern League is not interested in air quality that the Milanese breathe, interests me, even a lot. Fontana run the Move-In because the complaints that come to my table about the non-functioning and complication of Move-In are incredible ”. The president of the ACI of Milan, Geronimo La Russa, son of the parliamentarian of Fdi Ignazio, asked, in the light of the “very serious economic crisis” and the “disinformation of the people”, the convening of a table to find a shared solution. Again the refusal of Sala: “It is radically excluded that tables can be started three days after the entry into force of Aera B”.

Until the last controversy, carried out by the police unions, not happy with the exceptions granted in general to the shift workers who enter work or leave at times when there is little public transport: “Mayor Sala’s decision seriously jeopardizes the Milanese security system since the prohibitions imposed are not compatible with the specificity and timetables of the police services and in general with all the services of public need. The institutional prerogative subjects security professionals to obligations and services who do not allowhourly organization. We think of the territorial control services that take place on the hourly quadrants h24, public order services or the judicial police operations “, argue Siulp, Sap, Siap, Fsp, Fed Cospi and Silp Cgil, who speak of”obvious arrogance put in place by the municipal administration “and announce protests. But to their requests, Mayor Sala in the morning was not very available: “Let’s see, but I repeat, exceptions are never over. The rights of some are no different from the rights of others, so I am calling for the limitation of exceptions ”. And who doesn’t have the money to change cars? “Making politics means making decisions based on various instances – Sala answers -. There is also a right of the Milanese to breathe better ”.

In the background there is also a war of numbers. Fontana and Salvini in recent days have launched to talk about “a million workers in Lombardy that risks being left on foot ”, a number which, however, takes into consideration registrations in the Region, so even those who never or almost never come to Milan. Sala, on the other hand, explained that every day just over 400 thousand cars enter Area B and those affected by the ban are on average 47 thousand. In between, the Aci numbers based on registrations who estimate the cars potentially affected by the new bans: 107 thousand if we consider those of the Milanese, 314 thousand also considering those who live in the province.

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