Milan transfer market – Kessie risks not registering from Barcelona

It would be sensational, Kessie could immediately leave Barcelona at zero in this transfer market, after saying goodbye to Milan two months ago.

Sensational, but true, the hypothesis for which Franck Kessiewhich in this transfer market has left the Milanmay not be registered since Barcelona and thus find oneself free. Like him, also Andreas Christensen, Danish born in 1996. The two, in fact, should be registered by Barcelona by Saturday, when the championship is scheduled to start. According to reports from ESPN, in the event that this does not happen, both of them will have a chance to go away to zero.

All the other Barcelona purchases and the latest contract renewals have also not been registered, but the difference is that the 1996 Ivorian and the defender have reached zero and therefore it is expected that they can free themselves for free before the market closes. The Blaugrana president continues to dispense optimism about the registration of all seven players, but time is running out and a bit of concern is growing. In the worst case, that is, the one in which Kessie is not registered by Saturday, a meeting with the agents is scheduled to try not to free the players to zero, however there is time until the end of the month. However, it would obviously be a risk.

Barcelona spent over 150 million on the transfer market this summer, but raised 600 million by selling 25% of their TV rights for 25 years and a 24.5% stake in Barça Studios recently. However, this sum does not seem to be enough for Barcelona to be able to register all purchases and contract renewals. Therefore, not all of them may be registered, but only partially. It depends on some combinations. That’s why Barcelona are trying to sell another 24.5% of the Studios and trying to revise the salaries of some players. The same thing had already happened last summer. The company hopes that this will be enough to register everyone, but that is not necessarily the case.

And if Kessie then breaks free again, what will happen? Obviously he should find a new team and someone is already speculating that he can return to Milan, accepting the Rossoneri offer. The Milanese team has not yet taken on a midfielder, but it is still a very difficult hypothesis. Meanwhile, he spoke exclusively to our Moro microphones >>>

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