Miles Teller and The Godfather, interview on the new TV series The Offer

Miles Teller with his wife Keleigh Sperry, actress and model married in 2019. The 35-year-old actor was born in Pennsylvania (USA), has Polish, Russian-Jewish, Irish, African American, English and German origins.  In the new mini-series & amp; # 8220; The Offer & amp; # 8221;  plays the producer of & amp; # 8220; The Godfather & amp; # 8221;  (photo Ansa)

Miles Teller with his wife Keleigh Sperry, actress and model married in 2019. The 35-year-old actor was born in Pennsylvania (USA), has Polish, Russian-Jewish, Irish, African American, English and German origins. In the new mini-series “The Offer” he plays the producer of “The Godfather” (photo Ansa)

You look at him and in him you find the characteristic traits of actors who have made cinema: accentuated nose, fleshy eyelids, prominent chin, cheeks flecked with blush and the classic dimple on the chin, which at the beginning of his career earned him the nickname of “new Robert Mitchum“, One of his favorite actors along with Marlon Brando. Miles Tellerthirty-five, has been acting for almost 20 years, although she gets her first major role in 2010 in Rabbit Holealongside Nicole Kidman.


Passion and dedication accompany him in his professional growth, dotted with independent films (Whiplash) and blockbusters (the saga of Divergent and the recent Top Gun: Maverick). Today he touches the small screen in the role of producer Albert S. Ruddy in The Offerthe new mini-series on the background of the making of the film that changed the history of cinema: The Godfather.

“Incredible stories and anecdotes”

How was your meeting with the real Albert S. Ruddy? He is 92 years old and has incredible energy, he always looks to the future, he is a legend. She told me amazing stories and anecdotes, many of which unveiled in The Offer. Without him The Godfather it would never exist. To get Mario Puzo to come to Los Angeles, he even had to persuade his wife: she assured her that she would help him stick to the diabetes diet. Unbeknownst to him, however, the writer was stuffing himself with daisies & co. that Frankie, the trusted pizza chef, delivered to him in the Beverly Hills Hotel suite (laughs, ed).

Puzo and Coppola were a winning combination. Yes, because they brought the concept of family to the screen. The Offer it is the story of a film, but also of three families: that of the mafia, that of Al Ruddy and that of Paramount Pictures. The focus is on relationships: ne The Godfather, for example, Peter Clemenza prepares the gravy and debates whether it should be boiled or fried. They are powerful people but they live real moments like all of us. Brilliant.

How did you get into the role? It is usually an observation job. It is not enough to exercise the muscles to alter the voice, you have to think about the intonation, the modulation, the gestures, the small details that make a character unique. In this case, however, I was lucky: the real Al Ruddy made himself available to spend time with me. Plus, I’ve watched various interviews and studied his speech about him when he won the Oscar.

Many actors never see their own films. She too? I usually watch them alone or with my wife and not more than once. It is a practice that I find strange: I always think that others are better than me at acting. And if, while I follow the film, I also manage to have fun, then I feel that there is really something wrong.

Passion for drums

Have you always wanted to be an actor? I come from a family of musicians and sportsmen. I would have liked to play baseball, I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan. When there were big games, I took the bus from Chinatown New York to Chinatown Philadelphia. My two sisters play piano and guitar, I play drums: in high school I was part of a rock band and my dream was to become a sports commentator.

And how did you start acting? By chance. In high school the acting teacher was very nice and she invited me to audition. One day a friend, with whom I was playing baseball, asked me to accompany him to an audition for the school play of Footloose and surprisingly, I was cast in the role of Willard, who I then played eight years later in the remake of the original film.

Do you still have fun with the drums? Yes. As a boy I played in various bands, even in a church rock group, but zero groupie, as in Florida, where I grew up, the population is 90 percent of retirement age. Then, for Whiplash, I took lessons and got better. Wherever I go, however, I always have a pair of chopsticks with me.

He comes from a military family and has accepted the role in Thank You For Your Service, to raise public awareness of the different forms of post traumatic stress. How important is it to talk about it? My grandfather was a marine and my uncle fought in Vietnam. I grew up in a small town in Florida and many of my friends were recruited when they were not yet of age. Today, compassion towards these people has been lost, who often choose military service because they do not have the opportunity to study and need to support their families. For me it is right to help her return to civil life and recognize the sacrifice.

Tom Cruise is great

A few words about Tom Cruise e Top Gun: Maverick. He is awesome and energetic, he never stops! He wanted us all to be physically prepared with hours of gymnastics and running, so that we could get into the jets like real soldiers. My wife hopes she still works with him, so she keeps me fit (laughs, ed). But she didn’t like the mustache, she made me shave it as soon as I finished the film.

Tom Cruise, the breathtaking video in flight.  All the craziness on set

His wife Keleigh (Sperry, model and actress, ed) is an ambassador for Wells of Life, a non-profit organization aiming to provide rural Ugandans with access to clean water. How did you choose to support it? She has always been on a mission, even before she met me. When we got engaged, we took a trip to Africa and, as a gift, her parents donated a well in our name that provides clean water to over 5,000 people. It is important for us to use our reputation for causes that otherwise would not have the funds and to guarantee access to essential goods. Do you ever read reviews about you? Yes, the most important ones, just to be aware of what people think about my work. I always keep in mind what he once said to me Billy Crystal“Be careful, the good ones are not true enough and the bad ones are too true.”


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