Milestone in PC technology: Microsoft adds AI key

AI assistants are the first keyboard revolution in 30 years.

Microsoft Announce Passenger key on keyboard Windowsa button designed to activate its assistant through artificial intelligence so that users can develop a more direct relationship with it and request content faster.

The addition represents the first major change to Windows keyboard design in nearly three decades, and is a clear sign of the company’s commitment to integrating artificial intelligence into consumer products, as it recently launched Mobile for iOS and Android Assistant application device.

The news was officially announced by Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president and director of consumer marketing at Microsoft, who assured that the key will appear in new models of desktops and laptops from the company’s partners.

The button will provide direct access to the Co-Pilot experience, an artificial intelligence-driven system integrated into Windows 11 It is similar to a chatbot, similar in functionality to ChatGPT, with the ability to answer queries and perform actions within the operating system.

The chatbot can be accessed directly via keyboard. (Microsoft)

This new addition will replace the Menu key (also known as the Applications key) that was introduced along with the Windows button decades will be located Right Alt key On most keyboards, although its location will vary by manufacturer and market.

The initial release date is planned for January this year, when Microsoft hardware partners will launch new Windows 11 PCs.

The company plans to deploy AI more broadly across the operating system, and Copilot keys are just the first step in that direction, as Mehdi names 2024“The Year of the Artificial Intelligence Computer.”

“In the new year, we will usher in a major shift to a more personalized and intelligent computing future, with artificial intelligence seamlessly integrated into Windows from system to hardware. This will not only simplify people’s computing experience, but also It will enhance it,” the manager said.

Microsoft’s strategy for this year includes Integration of artificial intelligence in various fields of software As well as its services, the company wants to “update” Windows with a focus on new AI-based features.

In addition to its feature-focused desktop strategy, the company is pitching Edge as an “artificial intelligence browser.”Putting most of its consumer products on the path to advancements in this technology, where its search engine already exists ice and they have been integrated into other programs such as suites Office, Teams and Outlook.

The chatbot can be accessed directly via keyboard. (Microsoft)

By the end of 2023, co-pilot to mobile devices.Before the end of last year, the company announced the launch of applications iOS system and Androidfree app Store and Google Play Store.

Initially, Microsoft called its chatbot Bing Chatbut preferred to change the name and separate the service from its search engine, for which it launched a standalone platform linked to language models GPT-4 From OpenAI, providing the latest content generation technology.Additionally, it has access to Dahl-E 3 For image creation.

Another related aspect is constant connection to the Internet.This ensures that the co-pilot has Information updated in real time What’s going on in the world, their reactions are limitless.

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