Miley Cyrus Dyes Her Brunette: Goodbye Blonde Hair! Look at the Photo (And Have Hours)

Miley Cyrus

The followers of Miley Cyrus have remained with their mouths open to see the last change of look of the American singer. While it is true that, with so many years behind him being one of the main world celebrities, her followers have been able to see Miley with different looks, the latter has generated many comments on the networks.

Of course, as those who have published the two images have made it very clear, this makeover is nothing more than a montage with which, with the help of Photoshop, they have dyed Cyrus as a brunette.

The new-look of Miley Cyrus

Of course, whether or not a montage, as expected to see the incredible change of look, many have not taken to jump into the networks to comment and give their opinion on what they think about seeing Miley dyed brunette.

In this sense, as expected, there have been reactions of all kinds. On the one hand, the most loyal fans of the American who have shown again that, whatever they do and have the image they have, they will always be there supporting it.

Comments like ” I love it with this hair”, “Please do it, it looks great”, “It’s gorgeous”, “Black hair would be more than good with this new aesthetic that looks now” or “Miley Cyrus is so beautiful that whatever she gaga with her hair everything looks great on her ”they show that her followers are always there.

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Stop please, this is so beautiful 😍💕

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On the other hand, Cyrus haters have also been present in these publications. And they have done it, of course, to criticize. “How ugly for God”, “Horror”, “It is fatal”, “Let it be done so it will be even uglier” or ” If neither blonde nor brunette … ” are some of the comments in this regard.

We will see if Miley chooses to follow the advice of her followers and makes the leap to a brunette mane or continues to bet on her characteristic blond.



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