Miley Cyrus is a tattoo inspired by her divorce


Miley Cyrus is a tattoo inspired by her divorce, and Reproduction/Instagram

Miley Cyrus showed up with a new tattoo. And, according to the magazine OK! it is also possible that the new tattoo is a reference to the split from Liam Hemsworth.

For the tattoo artist to celebrities, Daniel Winter, also known as ” the Winter Stone has to Instagram on Saturday (7th) to show the new tattoo, which he painted in the singer’s 27-year-old, with the word, ‘Freedom’ (the freedom).

The new tattoo of Miley, it happens months later that Liam Hemsworth asked for a divorce in August, shortly after the couple announced that they were ending the marriage for seven months.

Miley Cyrus sang about “freedom” in their song Mother’s Daughter, with the refrain: “don’t mess with my freedom.” Many people have said that it was a sting in the ex.

This week the media has reported that the process of the divorce, the former couple are still on the court, because the Read does not deliver the completed documents at your request.

Apparently, in order for the process to continue its course, he will need to take your documents to Miley Cyrus to fill in, and when it is completed, he will have to finish the rest of the roles according to what the interpreter for the american to fill out. Once you have completed the divorce, you can continue with your cycle.

However, if the documents are not ready on that date, Liam Hemsworth will have to go to court on the 21st of January, in order to cover a fine for the violation of the procedure, since he was the one who requested it.

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The divorce of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are standing



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