Miley Cyrus ‘ or that ‘women are difficult to’ quit asking for forgiveness of Style


Miley Cyrus is in the party, after the award of the 2018
Miley Cyrus is in the party, after the award of the 2018Getty images

“I have to accept that the life I’ve chosen means that I need to be completely open and transparent with our fans […] What I cannot accept is that to say that I’m lying to cover up a crime you did not commit”. Miley Cyrus has done it in their networks, in a landmark address about the exchange of accusations surrounding her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, in which he declares innocent of the charges of adultery in a case. In a statement a lot less important than the actual moral of his speech: “here is a woman who takes a step forward, ready to don to apologize for her actions against a moral authoritative.

With your text, Cyrus turns to the alleged defects of the ideal woman, in a celebration of a woman is a difficult one. Far from being sanctified, the singer says that it “messed up”, and are found to have cheated in his previous relationships, says they’ve lost big contracts, and the roles in the movie smoke pot and post pictures where they “licked a cake in the shape of a penis”, he points out that he wrote songs to use drugs with ecstasy and snort cocaine, he remembers that she sang in the nude swinging on a wrecking ball, and it says that the Internet may have more nude photos of her “more than any other woman in history.” The post was met with the typical enthusiasm in the form of a statement in the networks, it has been hailed by 2019. The time of its publication, it is not a minor detail of no importance.

Monica Lewinsky thought she committed suicide in 1998, when it exploded in her sex scandal with Bill Clinton, and when the phrase “be Kissing” began to be used as a synonym for “easy woman”. In 2003, the ex of Paris Hilton, and leaked out her video the intimate, home-for the media: the heiress came to a close in the house and only went out on the streets, hidden beneath a hood and glasses, the giant covered his face (“do Not go out for months on end, I was so ashamed”, would have shown her, through my tears, in the film The American Meme). In 2007, when the leaked photos of Vanessa Hudgens in the nude, the star of Disney said it is “shameful” and apologized to his fans in a statement of repentance, a spokesman for the studio said, and on top of that, wait for it, and it is not in the hack, “if you had learned a lesson.” Britney Spears also made a public apology when he sent out the press release with a hand written note with shame, for having beaten with an umbrella in the car of a photographer who assediava, in a case of a nervous breakdown which turned into the joke of the planet. Scarlett Johansson, although I have not asked for excuses, didn’t move and no cause of action against the criminals, who put out his famous naked, robbed, and taunted her with the news media when he was asked about the invasion of your mobile phone.

All that changed when, in the phrase, “this Is my body, and it should be my choice,” appeared at the top of the front cover of the american edition of the Vanity Fair in October of 2014. The turning point in media coverage about the sexual life and the privacy of the celebrities, in the modern era, she buried the classic picture postcard of the star, and was holding a handkerchief, cabisbaixas, apologizing in front of the camera to deviate from its path. The paradigm shifted when Jennifer Lawrence, the other character is that of pollution by introducing yourself, strive to be a woman is out of the ordinary— he appeared half naked, and the powerful, in facing it directly and those who have used their intimate photos stolen from her cell phone. The purpose of a counter-attack on the stolen images seen all over the Internet, it was to warn you that this was not a “scandal”, quite the contrary. “This is a crime of sexual assault. A violation,” he said in an interview, demanding a legal action against the hackers. Lawrence with the obvious advantageous position of being a one-woman million-dollar winner of the academy award, opening the way for the MeToo, and the Time’s Up, helped by the explosion of a narrative of women due to the increase in the activism, and the pedagogy forged in the conversation in the digital world.

The revolt of the women are complicated, it is inevitable the site of female perspective to the genre have been raised in an environment in which it has been eliminated, the so-called slutshaming, the practice is to refer pejoratively to a woman who behaves in a manner different from that considered “acceptable” by mainstream society. The market’s embrace of the production and testing of change, in a manner that is fair, in the age-old perception of women in difficult parts of the story, the version most pop and bright, Alana Massey, to review the mythological figures, for the deceased art historians such as Mary Beard. Podcasts, like that of Lena Dunham, and Doris Bennett, The C-Wordoffer programs monotemáticos of women “in the story, he insisted on calling the wild”. At the conclusion of the women’s complicated, it’s a fact.

“Over the past decade, there has been a radical change in that it is so contemporary at this time the very well known: it is now quite normal for all women to understand their lives and the lives of other women in terms of feminist,” says Jia Tolentino, in his essay The Cult of the Difficult Woman (The Cult of the Woman is Difficult, in English), which is included in the newly released book Trick Mirror (Penguin, 2019 at the latest). What was once seen as a risky one, now that is a trump card, thanks to decades of feminist thinking has been amplified in the digital sphere. “If you have ever been the default call from the crazy, or the annoying woman who couldn’t be controlled, ‘crazy’ and ‘annoying’ is seen now as a racist and sexist,” says Tolentino in a story, which also exposes the dark side of this trend. For each and every Music that you expose yourself without shame, or Monica Lewinsky, which produces the series, to get rid of the extreme, harassment-based upon which it has been exposed to characters such as Melania Trump, screaming “sexism” when the media considers to be offensive, and the jacket with the phrase, “I don’t care, don’t you?”, which she uses to visit, surrounded by cameras, and migrant children separated from their parents in Texas. “We are teaching people who don’t care for a feminist to do just that, examining all the women, and to look at how people are reacting to the women of the view, and the interpretation of these symbols that you don’t have to look it up,” says the author.

In addition to the use by certain sectors of reactionaries around the time when feminism, as the attack, and the dislike of the advocacy for the whole of the rest of the time, a sense of identification with the women in hard will continue to be given a warm welcome and a viralizada constantly (just look at Spain, the success of a virtual Olvido Hormigos, a former councillor and a socialist, a victim of the leak of a video of the intimate, in 2012, and now a writer and TV personality). The formula works, out of pure fellow-feeling, and why, when we are celebrating the stories of these famous people, as pointed out by Tolentino, is also traced back to the stories that surround the women have in common’.



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