Miley Cyrus releases the track type, after the separation, and complained of the vices of the former


Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@mileyyrus

After several speculations about the reasons for the separation, Miley Cyrus, 26, and actor, Liam Hemsworth, on the 29th, the singer released the mournful song, “Slide Away,” which lays out his grief surrounding the relationship.

A swimming pool full of drugs and a bottle of drink, this is the image chosen by the singer as a backdrop to the disclosure on the show.

According to People magazine, while Hemsworth was complaining about the immaturity of his wife, the singer, was fed up with the abuse, and the actor of alcohol and / or drugs.

In the first few sentences, she reveals her sadness: “once upon a time, a shopper’s paradise,” “But I woke up and everything had turned to dust/and dear, had we met, but now we’re lost or so it was time to go.”

And it becomes more clear of your anxieties in relation to her husband, “I Want a house in the highest, and I don’t want the whisky, and medicine”.

Married, at the end of last year, Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their separation on August 11. They started dating in 2010, after acting together in the movie “The Last Song”.

After some back and forth, the couple announced their engagement in 2012, but the relationship ended in may 2013. They have renewed three years later, and they ended up getting married.

A few hours after the announcement of the end, Miley was seen kissing, Kaitlynn Carter, 30, who was on the reality show, MTV’s The Hills, New Beginnings, and just recently broke away from the presenter, Brody Jenner, and 35.

The two of you are on holiday in this region of the lake of como, in Italy, and they were clicked on in the sunshine lying on their sides next to each other. In some of the pictures, and they share a kiss. The records that have been released exclusively by Entertainment Tonight, the network of the american CBS.

Source: The Leaf Press



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