Miley Cyrus remembers her Malibu villa ravaged by fires!

Miley Cyrus returned to her house with her ex Liam Hemsworth which was ravaged by terrible fires in Malibu!

Miley Cyrus recalled a very nostalgic and upsetting memory about her home in Malibu. At the time, she had a villa in California that she shared with her ex, Liam Hemsworth. But to her dismay, the fires ravaged her.

“It ended up really changing my life”

In her Used to Be Young series on TikTok, Miley Cyrus opened up about the residence she lost. She also confided that she had worked on her last songs in this famous villa.

Miley Cyrus told her fans: “It was on the Meet Miley Cyrus album that I actually started writing my own songs. And this, as a solo artist. So I was working with a producer in Malibu”.

Before adding also: “He lived in a house in Ramirez Canyon. What I would never have imagined 15 years later living in this villa is that it would end up burning. This house had so much magic”.

Very nostalgic, she also confessed about this house: “It ended up really changing my life”. As a reminder, Miley Cyrus lived in this house in Malibu until the Woosley wildfires destroyed it in 2018.

At the time, the singer had filmed her ex, Liam Hemsworth who was at home. He was trying to save all their pets. A relative of the couple revealed to ET that they had raised a lot of funds to help with the reconstruction.

And to prevent other fires from ravaging the region. The source close to the couple confided: “Miley Cyrus and Liam lost their home. But are very grateful to be safe with their pets ! ».

Miley Cyrus very marked by the forest fires

Before adding: “Their community and their state are very special to them. And they want to give back to this place that created so much beautiful memories for themselves. But also for others”.

He also clarified: “They are donating $500,000 to the Malibu Foundation. And this, via the charitable association of Miley Cyrus, Happy Hippie. And this, in the hope of restoring The Magic of Malibu”.

The ex of the singer has also posted a message after the fires. He gave himself up with an open heart on this very hard day to live. One thing is certain, it is a moment that marked the atiste and his ex.

As a reminder, Miley Cyrus lived a rather complicated love story with Liam. They decided to stay together for almost 10 years. It was after the fires that ravaged their house that they wished to marry.

However, this marriage did not last very long. As a reminder, the couple announced their separation in August 2019. Fans were still hopeful that they would get back together. But that didn’t happen.

Indeed, Miley Cyrus and her ex divorced in January 2020. And the least we can say is that the artist looks very fulfilled. She has also released a new album that is making a buzz with her fans. These latter love find it in his music !

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