Miley Cyrus says that ‘a Black Mirror’, showing how the industry exploits artists, 02/06/2019 – Illustrated


In the world of dystopian series “Black Mirror” is quite similar to the reality. As for Miley Cyrus, it also shows you what life is like for someone who works in the music industry.

Cyrus, who began her career on television, in the hit show “Hannah Montana,” is one of the great names of the fifth season of “Black Mirror,” which debuts this Wednesday (5th) in the Series.

She will star in the premiere episode, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too,” in the role of a star in the teen room, which also gives you a voice and a personality to a robot.

In an interview with the british newspaper the Guardian, she said something that drew his attention to the screenplay, it was a “realistic view of what it is like to work in the music industry”.

Cyrus helped the production team to develop the roadmap and build the universe of the story by sharing experiences of your own.

In the interview, she says that “the episode reflects the exploitation of artists and the may eclipse, the creation.

To the fact that in the world of pop in “the Black Mirror” is an extremely family-friendly. “There are too many similarities to what we see in pop music today.”

The creators of the series have already commented on the fact that the production is to be close to the reality, while speaking at the event, Rio2C, in April, in Rio de Janeiro. “The technology is not the villain of the story,” said Annabel Jones, executive producer-the executive, at the time. “The villain in our relationship, or how to sobrevalorizamos it means to them.”

In addition to that of Cyrus, in the fifth season of the series that has the episodes with the actors, Andrew Scott (from the series “Sherlock”) and Anthony Mackie (the Falcon in “the Avengers”).



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