Miley Cyrus shares what she plans for her 2023 New Year’s special

Good news for those who enjoyed the end-of-year special commanded by Miley Cyrus on NBC, an American TV channel. is that the singer was cast for a repeat on New Year’s Eve 2023, bringing all his charisma and talent, in addition to many friends in the line-up. In a recent interview, the 29-year-old star commented on what she expects from the new edition of the event.

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Furthermore, Miley also took stock of the first edition of the successful “Miley’s New Year’s Eve“in the special led by her and co-host Pete Davidsonthis year, with performances by Noah CyrusBrandi CarlileSaweetieJack Harlow24kGoldnKitty Ca$hin addition to our Brazilian anita. Even with a large audience, the star now wants a “Party In The USA” even bigger to celebrate the arrival of the new period.

Hopefully this year I can have some of these more classic acts as part of the show. Usually people see me with Billy Idol or Joan Jett or dolly or Elton. I usually play with people from another generation who have influenced and inspired me. It was obviously a vulnerable time (at the turn of this year) for people to travel due to Covid-19. Some of these iconic and legendary artists weren’t able to make the show“, highlighted in an interview with the newspaper “The Hollywood Reporter“.

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Because of the pandemic, which prevented rehearsals and guest appearances and prompted several venue changes, the live show in Miami had some challenging moments. Even so, Cyrus and Pete wanted to provide a form of escapism for the audience with music and humor.

“We were doing a traditional show at a very untraditional time. It meant that creative flexibility had to be on the rise, because the most important thing was that the show had to go on. We had two very heavy years, and we wanted to provide some escapism, but also be responsible about the type of show.”

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For her, the choice of Peteresident comedian “Saturday Night Live”, a huge audience attraction on US television, was right. “We thought Pete was ideal for this role. There is something about him that is very classic and his professionalism is off the charts, we knew Pete would bring something really unique”highlighted Miley.

“The whole show ended up being an improv test because, again, we barely had rehearsal time. Everything we had planned ended up being turned upside down. I am a person who seems to go with the wind, and I am a very flexible person, but when it comes to professionalism and structure, I would like to be well rehearsed and well prepared.”

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