Miley Cyrus shows off a new tattoo that was inspired by Henry Matisse and Leornard Cohen


Miley Cyrus loves getting tattoos and displaying them around so that you make a new one. This week, the singer, showed on the news that made it on to the body. The design pays homage to the French painter, Henry Matisse, and the singer-songwriter, canadian, Leonard Cohen.

According to the legend, in the publication, where the Music and shows off the tattoo she has is inspired by the book-of-the-art, poetry, Dance Me to the End of Love”, which combines the works of Matisse, with the lyrics of Leonard Cohen.

Even the name of the book, it is a song In which the singer mentions in the subtitle is an excerpt: “Dance with me, with your beauty and at the sound of a violin, a burning. Dance with me through the fear until I was in the clear. Touch Me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove. Dance me to the end of love.”

In addition to this tattoo, rihanna has done others in the past few months. Ela tatuou a surname, a heart with a dagger, which made it next to boyfriend Cody Simpson, and he also wrote the lyrics to The Epic, from the band the Pixies.

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