Miley Cyrus Turns on the Networks With a Daring Christmas Session

With short outfits and a challenging attitude, Miley Cyrus showed why she is still the controversial woman

The singer Miley Cyrus continues to turn on social networks because, after her radical change from a Disney girl to a controversial pop star, controversial publications are the order of the day on the social networks of the famous American singer.

Having a versatility to handle different musical genres, Miley Cyrus has enchanted with her tough and amazing rock facet, because with her most recent discography, “Plastic Hearts” left an important mark for the genre.

Despite the fact that “Plastic Hearts” continues to be one of the issues that have been talked about in the life of Miley Cyrus in recent weeks, others that continue to impact social networks are her daring publications that on this occasion due to the celebrations Christmas fell as a gift to his millions of fans.

The photos have received thousands of reactions / screenshots

In the different publications made on her personal Instagram account, Miley showed that she is still a tough and daring girl since the short outfits heated social networks in this cold winter.

In the first photographs, Miley Cyrus appears wearing a colorful and red Santa Claus suit that, although it does not have the friendly energy of the character, the singer gave a rougher touch to the characterization, since in them she is shown destroying some of the gifts.

The photos have received thousands of reactions / screenshots

While other of his most recent publications showed the young singer in short leather lingerie that gave Cyrus a touch similar to that taken for his single “Prisoner” from his most recent album.

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