Miley Cyrus Unrecognizable: “Have you put on more?” Look at that from there


Miley Cyrus is unrecognizable, but fortunately, it is not a behavioral issue. The last years of the singer have been full of changes in her personality, style and even couple preferences. Today we wonder if it has been put more, this photo leaves many doubts about it. It is probably not what you are imagining.

In the photo, Miley is presented with her blond style remembering her time as a youth star playing Hannah Montana. A lot of time passed, but the usual followers still remember that stage in their life.

The pose of the one born in Tennessee makes all the attention focused on her lips, which are seen with greater volume than in other snapshots. Lip augmentation is presumed to follow the fashion that is strengthened in size. The bigger the better?

Although it seems unnecessary cosmetic surgery, the main thing is that Miley and her partner, Cody Simpson, are comfortable with the change. This new relationship has been good for the singer because she is noticed recovering the emotional balance of the past. The whole moment of rebellion seems to be an absolutely surpassed stage.

The conflict inside passed, but still retains an addiction that few knew until recently. Not to worry, or so it seems at a distance.

Miley Cyrus addiction

Get drugs and alcohol out of your mind as a possibility, because Miley Cyrus’s real addiction has to do with guitars. In her musical career that began at a young age, she has added guitars, but in recent months purchases have been more frequent.

We can ensure that more than 37 guitars are accumulated by Destiny Hope Cyrus. It is the best addiction an artist can have in her youth since preferences are usually much more harmful according to what the history dictates.



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