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The pop diva knows how to well communicate with their fans.

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In social isolation, Miley Cyrus reminded us of the time from Hannah Montana to talk about the coronavirus. That’s right, the actress and singer shared on his Instagram in three of the scenes from the tv series, the children to educate their fans about the quarantine, and a few tips on what to do or not in order to guard against the hiv pandemic.

The first sequence shows Miley Stewart, in a filthy bathroom, to the mask, and doing a lot of cleaning. The caption reads: “Day 2 of the quarantine. That I am, I really do. NOW.” with several emojis on clean-up.

In the second video, Lily (Emily Osment) and Jackson (Jason earles’s hairstyles) come into the house with a millhares of the purchases made by Miley — and Cyrus uses this to make people aware that they are doing inventory of the food and the toilet paper in the house, and doing away with those products in the market.

“It is attention to detail. Be respectful. Students. A human being. As he prepares for the lonely, NO-one needs all of the soups on the market. The more you earn, the more expensive ones, and little in the way of produtosvão to get, leaving many people without the necessities of life. This is a great time to practice self-control, it’s incredibly difficult to make smart decisions when in a panic, but think twice before you follow your fear and being reckless. You have enough for all of us to take care of each other. This is a beautiful moment to take the lead!”

Ops the last one, she has to be in a clean environment is important, as in the scene in which She cleans the whole house from this season, while Miley and her dad are in the event of Hannah Montana. The house appears to be shining, and Cyrus joked about adding in a caption, “Think one Last one for you…”

Several celebrities spoke out in regards to the coronavirus, whether it is tips on how to avoid contamination, be it by sharing his own social isolation. Unfortunately, some of the personalities that have already contracted the virus and are in quarantine for observation, such as Tom Hanks and Idris Elba.

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