Miley Cyrus wants to confront Liam Hemsworth with Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus is planning to confront her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, during her trip to the coastal town of Byron Bay in Australia, where the actor lives.

A source told the magazine of the australian N she got angry after her ex-husband to move in with his new girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks, and to her he said that he only did it to tease her.

According to the alleged source, Cyrus holds her boyfriend Cody Simpson in the dark when it comes to his relationship and their true feelings.

“She would have invited Her for a trip to the Gold Coast to see his family, so that she could meet her friends, but then he suggested that they were going to Byron for a week-end spontaneous,” says the insider, adding that the singer can’t imagine what Cyrus is planning.

“Liam is a creature of habit, and, Miley, you know exactly where to find him at Byron Bay. She’s got an illusion for you to Read to make Her feel really jealous. The poor, He is only a pawn in their game,” says the source.

In spite of the report of the NW, according to People magazine, Cyrus feels ‘relieved’ after her divorce from Hemsworth: “She just wants to move on, nothing more,” said a source to the publication.

I read confirms relationship with Troy Brooks

After a lot of speculations, finally, Liam Hemsworth has confirmed his romance with model Gabriella Brooks.

The actor is 30 years old, was seen kissing a model in australia, the 23-year-old on the beach in Byron Bay at the beginning of this month, and the pictures were published by local magazine New Idea.

After spending new year’s eve together, Liam and Gabriella are not separated in the sand.

Liam has already introduced Gabriella to his parents, Craig and Michelle, in Byron Bay for a family meal in the middle of December.

A source recently told US Weekly magazine that Troy ‘are popular across the Hemsworth.

“I read to feel comfortable with Troy. Her family approves of the relationship, and they really like it, and that it is very important to Read,” said the source.

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