Miley Cyrus, you can go back to work; know the details of the paper


Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus, like Ashley’s The one in the video On the Roll, for the series of the Black Mirror, the Netflix Image: Play, YouTube, Netflix and more)

The icon of a whole generation by being the best in the series, Hannah Montana, actress, and singer Miley Cyrus you can go back to work. The eternal figure of Disney, is currently an important name in the music industry in north america, you can take a version of Suzy’s Four movie theaters. This is because the former teen superstar, is listed to live with a rock singer in the theatres, and in their cinebiografia.

The information was released by the Suzi Quatro, in an interview on the television programme Good Morning Britain. The singer, bass player, and is also well-known for being one of the leaders of the women’s movement of punk rock in the late 1970s, and currently, at the age of 69, was told by the program that should have their story told soon in the theaters and one that Miley Cyrus has been tapped to take on the role.

“Jesus, I wish I could do it myself, but Miley Cyrus… she was picked up, and it’s so cute, isn’t it!? She is a girl with talent. I’m working on the script with the writer. I’m going to be involved with the choice of the cast, of course”said Suzi Quatro, showing that he has no interest in seeing Miley Cyrus is bringing a version of its theaters and in order to confirm that it is working on a screenplay.


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Further information about the role has not yet been revealed. Therefore, it is not known if the film’s story is going to cover the entire career of the rock singer, or if it’s just for a moment, or more than one, will be depicted in the long time. In addition to that, it’s not been released on any other possible name for the squad, and if a person, in addition to Miley Cyrus, he has also been tapped to do the same thing.

It is worth noting that the actress / singer, who also appeared in a number of films, and not only, as Hannah Montana, he has worked most recently in an episode of the television series Black Mirror. In the chapter, she also gave birth to the singer’s success.

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