Millennium Group’s Blood Donation Figures

During this period 2023 he National Center for Transfusion Medicine Complete acquisition 38,000 units of bloodthis is how he lets everyone know Daniel Diaz MartinezSecretary of Health of the State of Guanajuato.

To provide unit blood to patients in state hospitals, Guanajuato Health System He called on people to join voluntary donation.

It is worth remembering that for this purpose, the State Center for Transfusion Medicine (CEMT) of the State Health Secretariat has implemented in the state a permanent program called PROVO since the beginning of 2022 to promote unpaid blood donation in the state, which The plan sparked a strong response.

However, it is important to maintain blood product intake levels, which is why rehabilitation donation strategies are being strengthened in the hope that people’s response to altruistic donation will improve.

Diaz Martinez added that these blood units are supplied to patients who require emergency treatment and hospitalization.

As part of the National Blood Network, the Ministry of Health has 16 bleeding stations in the maternity hospitals of the general hospitals of Irapuato, Guanajuato, Salvatierra and San Luis de Paz. Also San Miguel de Allende General Hospital, Penjamo General Hospital, Silao General Hospital, Salamanca General Hospital, Dolores Hidalgo General Hospital, Acambaro General Hospital, Santiago Valley General Hospital and San José Iturbide General Hospital.

Volunteer blood donation hotline: 477 35 22833 or visit any of the blood collection stations at the General Hospital.

What are the minimum recommendations for donating blood:

  1. Bring a valid official photo ID (INE, passport, professional license, ADIMSS certificate, current health card, driving license)
  2. Age 18 to 65 years old
  3. Weighing more than 50kg
  4. Fast for at least four hours (avoid eating greasy foods 24 hours before donating)
  5. Do not exceed fasting hours.

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