Millie Bobby Brown: Everything You Need to Know About Her New Darling!

Millie Bobby Brown has a new companion who shares her life. We will reveal to you all the secrets of her lover in this article!

Millie Bobby Brown is a woman in love. His heart is therefore no longer to be taken. The actress is in a relationship with the son of a singer. We will reveal his identity to you. So ready or not ready?


There is going to be a sequel to the movie Elona Holmes. The fans are going to be very happy. Netflix recently announced it, so are you surprised? So there will indeed be a sequel with Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown. 

The actress is only 17 years old and she is one of Hollywood’s iconic stars. It is diversifying by moving from the small screen to the big screen. And it is with accuracy that she manages to take on the multiple roles that are offered to her.

Hats off to the young woman who is breaking through the world of cinema. When not filming, Millie Bobby Brown spends time with her new darling. But who is it?

For 7 months she was with Jacob Sartorius. But it’s over, she’s no longer with him. Today she shares her life with a new man and we are going to reveal her identity to you.

The Stranger Things star is now dating Jacob ‘Jake’ Bongiovi. He is the son of singer Jon Bon Jovi! Lovers do not leave each other with one sole.

So it’s crazy love between Jacob ‘Jake’ Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown. A romantic stroll, outing to restaurants and bars, stroll in the parks… We wish them happiness.


The couple often appears together. On Thursday, June 17, 2021, the lovebirds were walking the streets of New York City. What could be more romantic than a walk hand in hand?

They both had a mask on their face. It was then difficult to recognize them. But the paparazzi managed to take some pictures of the couple.

Jacob ‘Jake’ Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown also carried the actress’ cute dog after another in a tote bag. Her dog’s name is Winnie.

The couple is therefore very happy. But nothing is official at the moment. They post many photos together, but they are still very discreet.

In a photo posted on June 3 by Jacob ‘Jake’ Bongiovi, the couple is seen next to each other in a car. Jon Bon Jovi’s son then comments on his post, writing “BFF. »BFF which could be translated as Best Friends Forever. 

This can create doubt among Internet users. However, the two young people are indeed in a relationship with each other. More than 130,000 people then liked the photo of the young boy.

Suffice to say that the comments of Internet users are very numerous. Some people wonder who the young woman in the photo is. But this is Millie Bobby Brown.

Many Internet users do not know it. Others comment, “  I’m happy for you.  “Or also”  you are too cute. “

Well then! Is it a matter of a few months or is it gone to last? We will only be in a few months. Maybe they will formalize their relationship with the general public.

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