Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Rare Photo With Her Daddy on Instagram!

In Story on her Instagram account, Millie Bobby Brown shared a truly unique photo where she was very close to her dad!

This Sunday, June 20, many stars celebrated their dad around the world, for Father’s Day. This is also the case of Millie Bobby Brown. The latter unveiled a rare photo with her dad on social networks.


Millie Bobby Brown is quite discreet about her private life. If she makes declarations of love to her parents from time to time, she does not post them too much on social networks. Except for this weekend.

Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown shared a new photo in Story from her Instagram account. And the least we can say is that it did not fail to cause a sensation. At first, she posted a childhood snapshot.

The young woman had taken the pose on her daddy’s knees. She revealed herself with felt all over her face and with an angelic smile. For his part, his dad was happier than ever.

He showed up with really sparkling eyes and didn’t fail to meet fans. In the caption of this Instagram photo, the pretty blonde wanted to make him a beautiful declaration of love.

Millie Bobby Brown then wrote: “Happy dad’s day! Love you dad, thanks for all the giggle. “ To translate by” Happy fathers day. I love you dad. Thank you for all the laughs ”. An adorable message of love that melted his fans.

One thing is certain, the actress is also very close to her dad. The two have a very good relationship. While she keeps a low profile about her family, she doesn’t hesitate to highlight it from time to time.


Millie Bobby Brown has also had another man in her life for a few days now. This is the son of Jon Bon Jovi. The two have been really close for some time and rumors have emerged about the couple.

Millie Bobby Brown is reportedly dating Jacob ‘Jake’ Bongiovi. Several people have also seen them together in the streets of New York. The young man has also shared a photo with the actress.

A few days ago, he also appeared in his car alongside the actress. The two enjoyed a little trip together. On the other hand, the handsome brunette sowed doubt with the caption of his photo.

He wrote: “BFF” to translate as Best Friend Forever, Best Friend Forever. So some wondered if he was trying to cover his tracks or if he had a real relationship with the actress from Stranger Things.

For her part, Millie Bobby Brown had also commented on the photo with a “BFF” and a unicorn smiley. It remains to be seen whether the main interested party will decide to post her couple on social networks.

It will also be necessary to be patient before having more about this beautiful relationship of love. The fans of the young woman are still very happy for her. Case to follow!

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