“Millionaires”. The famous trainer did not show off in the program. It was based on a banal question about John Rambo. You surely know the answer

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Former footballer, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, and now advisor to AFC Bournemouth, was given the chance to win money for charity in the British version of “Millionaires”. Harry Redknapp, who sat in the TV studio opposite the lead Jeremy Clarkson, only managed to answer four questions correctly. Thus, it was one answer short of the guaranteed threshold of 1000 pounds.

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Bloopers in TV shows

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“Millionaires”. Harry Redknapp didn’t answer the simple question from the movie

The question that made Redknapp so difficult was about one of the most popular movie franchises in the world, and it was:

Who played Vietnam veteran John Rambo in five movies?

  • A. Mel Gibson
  • B. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • C. Bruce Willis
  • D. Sylvester Stallone

The soccer expert, however, is not a fan of Hollywood productions and admitted that he was last in the cinema with his current wife on “Doctor Zhivago” when he was 17 years old. Redknapp had a full set of lifebuoys and decided to use half and half, after which he had a choice of C and D answers. marked this answer.

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Clearly surprised, Clarkson had to tell the coach not only that he was ending the game with a zero win, but he was also the first person since leading this game show to which he had to address such words. What’s more, Redknapp is in total the ninth participant in the British edition of “Millionaires” and the first ever celebrity raising money for charity who came out of the program with nothing.

The trainer was very confused and ashamed of his result. So much so that, as “The Sun” found out, Redknapp decided to donate the money for the chosen goal out of his own pocket.

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