Minecraft players hope key torch feature added in future update

Jessica Philby

Minecraft players are calling for major changes to torches in a future update that could save explorers’ lives.

Aside from the community and creativity, one of the best elements of Minecraft is its updates. Each update brings some exciting new features and aspects to explore, whether it’s new monsters to fight, animals to befriend, or artifacts to discover.

However, there is one element that many Minecraft players (especially explorers) are clamoring for. The strong demand and popularity clearly shows that the community is eager to see a major feature of the Torch changed for the better.

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Minecraft players want key visual features added in future updates

One player took to Reddit to share their thoughts, highlighting a feature they’ve always wanted but still couldn’t achieve: “Ever since I started playing Minecraft, one feature I’ve wanted that makes a lot of sense is having a “when” The area that is illuminated when you hold a torch.

They went on to explain that the feature will include: “When you hold a flashlight it will illuminate the area around you, having a flashlight on your off-hand would also be great and would save a lot of flashlights. “I’ve always wanted This feature, but we never got it, and I don’t think we ever will get it. “

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The feature appears in a few mods, and many mods have highlighted in the comments how amazing it is to have the feature added from an external source.

“I was just thinking about this last night,” one fan stressed, going on to describe how “it would also be cool to throw torches into the canyon to light up the bottom,” giving cavers a chance to see how deep the canyon is and where they can go A safe place to land.

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While many fans support the idea, some fans explained to the community why adding this feature would be tricky, noting that it would “require the team to completely redesign the way Java and Bedrock Edition’s lighting engines work, which is why they’re so far So far it has not been implemented.”

Sure, it’s a great addition to the game, but with so many players loving its world and the constant updates coming out every year, there’s no telling if Mojang plans to implement this highly anticipated feature.

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