Minisiancias inaugurates a project to benefit the farmers of Sucre

He Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation inaugurated the project ‘Mojana, the field of science and peace’One of its most important commitments is formulated in Science for Peace and Citizenship and Zero Hunger Mission.

The implementation of this initiative was led by the Minister yesenia olaya richevne in improvement Las Flores, in the municipality of San Marcos (Sucre).

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The project, which will have an investment of $5,000 million and will benefit more than 80 families in the municipalities Saint Mark and Saint Benedict AbbotIts main objective is to implement solutions to needs in the areas of food production, relationship with water and building a culture of peace.

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“It is very important for me to listen to the families who have gathered today, to be part of a historic moment in which land is back in the hands of families.

Farmers with productive projects driven by science, technology and innovation”, highlighted the Head of Science portfolio.

The project will be implemented in coordination with the Special Asset Society (SAE), which distributed three assets to farmers from the above municipalities.

In the case of San Marcos, work will be carried out on a property called ‘El Paraiso’, where 40 farming families will benefit.

The first action of this project was a participatory diagnosis workshop led by the Minister at the Sports Center of the Las Flores Educational Institution. As a result of this activity, Minciencias and the community will identify needs that require priority solutions.

The same exercise will be carried out with 40 families and 50 youths from San Benito Abad, to whom SAE assigned the properties of El Principio and El Romero.

In short, the head of Minisenias highlighted that this project is a historic moment because the properties were destined for criminal use and today they are in the hands of farming families who have faced great difficulties to achieve the productivity of the land. have faced.

project objectives

The ‘Mojana, the Zone of Science and Peace’ has four main objectives; The first is to promote citizen participation, initiatives around science, technology and innovation with impact and relevance in the social sector.

The second is to strengthen individual and collective capacities to manage projects with different institutions allowing sustainable management of the territory.

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want to promote the processes of the third and fourth Knowledge Generation and Social Appropriation To contribute to the building of peace with economic, social and environmental justice in areas affected by armed conflict and other forms of violence, as well as through the implementation of programs and projects that meet the needs of community organizations in the region.

During his visit to San Marcos, the minister accompanied President Gustavo Petro for the delivery of the La Estrella property, which was first acquired through an agreement with Fédégon to promote agrarian reform.

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