Minister Montero hugs the candidates of the Baja and Huáscar regions

PSOE Deputy Secretary General and Minister of Finance and Public Works, María Jesús Montero, has highlighted the great work done by the socialist government in the Baja City Council under the mandate of Manuel Gavilan, mayor and candidate for re-election. , who highlighted its ability to “locate and develop elements that present the best opportunities for Baja”.

During a public act, with the Busteton candidacy and several candidates from the Baja and Huáscar regions, Montero highlighted the work of “useful politics” that the PSOE does, as shown in the municipalities where it governs. , such as the Deputation de Granada in Baja, to which Pepe Antrina is “giving everything, knowing no one better than the needs and demands of each region, of each municipality” or the Spanish government, which he puts at all times at the center of his policies. keeps. people, as 580 million people demonstrated that the Council of Ministers will give approval next week to strengthen all primary care in the country.

“Universal and free public health is the greatest pride in the history of the PSOE and now is the time to strengthen it,” Monteiro went on to describe the “brilliant” economic management carried out by the Spanish government. No one is left behind” and the ability to create jobs and keep the Spanish economy ahead of other European countries, compared to “the PP’s dire signals that it will only bring misery”.

During his speech, he said that, among other issues, this opposition opposed all the measures adopted by the government of Pedro Sánchez to benefit the citizens on at least five issues – such as reducing VAT or transport exemptions. Have voted. “Therefore, it cannot be a government option” and he described it as “meaning” that he went to Brussels to say that European funds would not be coming to our country.

“With this attitude they want to create noise and confrontation so as not to talk about the real problems of the people”, on the other hand, the socialist insisted that “when the socialists talk about what the citizens need, we always protect them in the foreground through quality public services such as health, education or dependency, while also working for equality, economic recovery and job creation, among other issues”, he said.

For his part, Manolo Gavilan, candidate for mayor of Baja, has defended the hardworking and honest women and men who make up the socialist electoral list and consider them essential to the advancement of this sector of the province. , protection of citizenship rights, public health, a communication network for the regions, as well as a public transportation network that allows mobility and flow of people.

“Very essential services in which we cannot take a step back,” Gavilan told over two hundred people, pointing to the need for increased local funding by the board to maintain public services for the part of local administration. pointed to.

In this context, he also mentioned the Spanish government’s support and commitment to invest in irrigation, along with projects such as Line 400. Gavilan lists the wealth of the area and the importance of the measures that aim to guarantee the well-being of the elderly and young people to the municipalities. But also those decisions which protect and defend the interests of farmers and cattle herders, which should be seen equally by all the administrations.

“The socialist candidate is committed to them and to these objectives. We are not going to fail them, we are the only ones who can honestly guarantee their present and their future”, defended the mayor, who acknowledged that “This is the moment of this land. Here is the future. We believe in our region and in its possibilities, among other things, the youth do not have to go abroad.

“Next May 28, the socialists will go out to play the game and win,” he asked the public to mobilize en masse to fill the ballot boxes with our votes.

The secretary general of Granada PSOE, Pepe Entreña, has asked citizens to place their trust in Altiplano’s socialist candidates and Manolo Gavilan, whom he called on to continue defending Baja “against all odds”. The socialist mayors of the region have “demonstrated their commitment and their clear ideas for the balanced development of the region.”

“The PSOE has always made progress. It is the party that guarantees the fight against rights, public services, agriculture, renewable energy and tourism, the continuous progress of the sector that goes hand in hand with compatible activities, if we approach them rationally. order from”, Entrena maintained. As a dynamic element of the region, the Geopark has been pointed out.

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