Ministry of Labor and Social Policy: In November, the unemployment rate was 5.4%.

According to the data of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, at the end of November this year, there were 900.1 thousand registered employment offices. unemployed people. This is about 10.8 thousand. people less than a month ago, which means a decrease by 1.2 percent.

The ministry notes that the pace of decline was twice as low as a month earlier, but usually in the previous years, the unemployment level rose in November (by 1.4% in November 2019, by 1.1%, and in November 2020 by 1.1%). by 0.7%).

“The labor market has stabilized. We have fewer unemployed in the labor office registers than a year ago and less than in February 2020, i.e. just before the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the freezing of the economy and anxiety among employees themselves, we managed to save the labor market from a large increase in unemployment. Shield the anti-crisis one worked “- indicates the minister of the family, Marlena Maląg.

Comparing the data year on year, the number of the unemployed decreased by 125.6 thousand. people, i.e. by 12.2 percent. In turn, comparing the unemployment level at the end of November 2021 to the state before the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic (February 2020), the number of unemployed registered in employment offices decreased by 19.8 thousand. people.

The unemployment rate estimated by the ministry in November amounted to 5.4%, which means that compared to the previous month it fell by 0.1 percentage point, and compared to November last year it was lower by 0.7 percentage point.

In November, the unemployment rate ranged from 3.1 percent. in Greater Poland to 8.5 percent in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

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