Ministry of Science and Rural Development Agency: Agreement to help rural areas

The Ministry of Science, together with the Rural Development Agency, agreed to an alliance, signing with the Memorandum of Understanding, to articulate efforts to improve and develop rural areas in Colombia.

The person in charge of the science department in the country specified that the agreement would mean a link with communities and farmer organizations, To advance technological development and entrepreneurship.

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“This is an opportunity for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to contribute to the great changes taking place in the Colombian countryside. We have an important commitment to advance in the democratization, regionalization and regionalization of Colombia, saying that science, technology and innovation are fundamental tools to regain food sovereignty. and to rebuild the social fabric affected by armed conflict”, said Yesenia Olaya, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

In turn, Diego Bautista, president of the Rural Development Agency, insisted that the coalition would “A great opportunity to work for bio-economy, peace with citizenship, sustainable territories and zero hunger”he pointed.

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“These missions are essential to the daily life of the territories, as they will help us incorporate scientific and technological innovation to increase the productivity of the planted territory and the country,” Bautista said.

simultaneously, The agreement seeks to strengthen the territories and regions Advancing Initiatives in Science, Technology and Innovation Which allows the transfer of technology transfer and the strengthening of the accompaniment of social and community organizations.

The lines that this joint work agreement between the institutions will manage include programs of sustainable productive projects, strategies for food sovereignty, projects that reduce violence of all kinds, inter-governmental cooperation for citizenship and peace-building, and Development of system.

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