Minsk and Moscow want destabilization in our region. “Action failed”

When asked about the situation in Eastern and Central Europe, Anna Fotyga admitted that she was “very anxious and dangerous”.

– There are reports from a few months ago that the Russian Federation is testing various places in our region. Ukraine is certainly one of them, but also the Polish-Belarusian border. In my opinion, significant tension can also be seen in Georgia, long before Saakashvili’s return

– pointed out the MEP.

She added that the picture of this situation was completed by a hybrid attack on the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

– This is the involvement of the countries most involved in monitoring and publicizing the situation in our region in the defense of their own borders – she admitted, noting that Poland “managed to defend itself”.

– In this respect, the action failed, because I think it was about a more serious destabilization in Central and Eastern Europe

– said Anna Fotyga.

According to the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an escalation of actions by Minsk and Moscow can be expected and it will be a long process, “the more so as there are voices in the West trying to describe the situation as a refugee crisis“.

– It is obvious that this is not a refugee crisis. We are dealing with people brought to Belarus by Belarusian services, who came there as tourists, paying considerable amounts for this trip, she said.

– I consider all actions taken by the Polish authorities to be necessary, just and adequate, including a diplomatic offensive. This is needed due to the disinformation campaign that was part of a hybrid attack, both in Poland and in the world

– she added.

Source: Polish Radio, niezalezna.pl

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