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The 2021/22 season is a real nightmare for Legia Warsaw. On Sunday, the Polish champions recorded their seventh loss in a row in dramatic circumstances. Legia was losing 0: 2 to Górnik Zabrze, but in the second half it led to a draw in less than two minutes. However, she returned to Warsaw with nothing, because in the 96th minute Krzysztof Kubica gave Górnik three points. Legia is on the penultimate place in the table and has the same number of points as the last Górnik Łęczna.

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Legend of the Legion unequivocally: He is guilty of chaos. “It’s not a catastrophe. It’s a scandal.”

The price for the team’s bad results was paid by Czesław Michniewicz, who was released after defeating Piast Gliwice 1: 4. In his place, Marek Gołębiewski, who had been running the reserves, was hired. The new coach did not bring Legia out of stagnation. He only managed to beat Dawn Skolwin in the Polish Cup. In the first league and the Europa League, the Warsaw team is still losing.

President of Raków commented on the information regarding the Pope. President of Raków commented on the information regarding the Pope. “There are no particulars, because there is no topic”

Before the match against Leicester on Thursday, an interview with president Dariusz Mioduski appeared on the official website of Legia Warszawa. The owner of Legia explained the recent changes on the coach’s bench. Mioduski also shared his observations regarding the causes of the Legia crisis, accusing Michniewicz of poor preparation of the team for the season.

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– There are several reasons for the current crisis. I noticed a stagnation in the team’s development since the game against Pogoń last season. However, the most important of them is inadequate preparation for the season and inadequate physical and mental preparation to compete on three fronts. We also fell into a sense of complacency. After being promoted to the Europa League, it seemed to everyone that the league would win by itself. Meanwhile, with each successive failure, we fell into a kind of “corkscrew”. All of us are accompanied by increasing tension and pressure, which is understandable, but we have to deal with it. in the long run, it causes too much relaxation after achieving the goal of the Polish championship or promotion to the European cups – assessed Mioduski.

– We talked to the coach [Michniewiczem – red.] on a regular basis, I offered my comments and suggestions because we all saw what was happening that we were not going in the right direction. The coach himself admitted that he had been given a lot of time to overcome the crisis, but it did not work – added the owner of Legia, explaining the coach’s dismissal.

Górnik vs Legia, a duel of multiple Polish championsThe former owner of Legia appeals to Mioduski. “Must ask for help”

Legia’s coaches did not develop the team? “So it was at Michniewicz”

Mioduski also explained the choice of Gołębiewski as a coach in such a way that Legia did not want to employ a “firefighter” from the outside. However, it is no secret that Gołębiewski is only a temporary option. In the same interview, Mioduski admitted that he wanted to hire Marek Papszun. The owner of Legia hopes that Papszun, who has come a long way with Raków and brought this club to the league, will also develop Legia. Mioduski believes that he employed coaches for the result, and that was to be influenced by the pressure from the environment.

– In recent years, we have made frequent changes to the coach position. It can be said that a potential mistake that I take on the chest was hiring trainers primarily for the result, under time pressure, under the pressure of the media and various types of experts. We made such decisions, because the most important thing was to win the Polish championship and we usually achieved this goal. And although the employed coaches guaranteed us short-term success, the team did not develop in the long run. And this was also the case with coach Michniewicz, who after all had the appropriate workshop and experience – said Mioduski.

Legia is on the penultimate place in the league table. He has the same number of points (nine) as the last Górnik Łęczna. On Thursday, Legia lost 3-3 to Leicester in the Europa League and made it very complicated to qualify to the next round. On Sunday, the Polish champions will have a home match against Jagiellonia Białystok.

Within a year, Legia fell to the very bottom.  'What a reunion'The merciless words of the legend of Legia Warsaw. “They are the club’s disease”

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