Mirafiori is reborn with 550 jobs

To respond to the growing demand for electric cars, and to make a clear change, Stellantis focuses on the green. Not only the auto giant is investing in progressive electrification of all Italian plants for the production of new electric or low-emission models.

For the past four years, Stellantis has invested over 5 billion euros in Italian activities for the construction of new products and production sites. Now, it announces two major new initiatives related to its industrial presence in Italy, aimed at supporting decarbonisation goals and advancing the transformation of the global electrification value chain.

Increased eDCT production

Stellantis and its joint venture partner, Punch Powertrainhave signed a new agreement to increase production of next-generation electrified dual-clutch (eDCT) transmissions for hybrid and plug-in electric hybrid (PHEV) vehicles.

The 50% joint venture between Stellantis and Punch Powertrain, called e-Transmissions Assembly, produces and supplies innovative eDCTs for the company’s new generation of hybrid and PHEV models. The new plant will be located in the Mirafiori complex in Turin, and will complement the current production capacity in Metz, France.

The start of production of the new e-Transmissions Assembly site in Mirafiori is scheduled for second half of 2024. When fully operational, the Mirafiori and Metz plants will be suppliers to all Stellantis production plants in Europe.

Mirafiori becomes the first circular hub of Stellantis

Not only. The company that took over from Fiat also announced that Mirafiori will host its main hub for the circular economy.

Also in this case the objectives are ambitious: the company aims at quadruple the revenues deriving from the extension of the useful life of components and services and to increase the revenues obtained from recycling by 10 times compared to 2021 by 2030.

The Mirafiori plant will start operating with three activities designed to increase production sustainability: remanufacturing of components, reconditioning and dismantling of vehicles. The goal is to further expand globally.

The Circular Economy business unit of Stellantis will generate a turnover of over 2 billion euros in 2030. The Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares visiting Mirafiori also spoke of an increase in production of the Fiat 500 Bev up to 90 thousand cars a year (here the revolution announced by Tavares starting from 2030).

The creation of the hub for the regeneration of components and the reconditioning and dismantling of vehicles will take place already in 2023 and is expected to generate 550 new jobs in 2025.

The project is also part of the largest intervention by the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Turin for the creation of the so-called “Turin Manufacturing District”, Vehicle production center, electrification engineering center and the heart of design for Italian brands that have made history, of which both plants would be part.

The news in Melfi and Termoli

But it doesn’t stop there. Stellantis’ transformation towards global electrification includes other small major revolutions. Primarily, the Melfi and Sochaux plants in France will host the new electric platform called STLA Mediumdesigned specifically for the battery electric vehicle (BEV) market with a high level of flexibility and an expected range of up to 700 kilometers (440 miles).

TO Termolion the other hand, Automotive Cells Company (ACC), of which Stellantis is a partner with a 33% stake, intends to create a third European plant for the production of battery cells. The operation will be based on the conversion of the old Stellantis existing plant and will aim to support the production of batteries for electric vehicles (we talked about the project and how many jobs are expected here).

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