Mireille Blanc at Anne-Sarah Bénichou

“Meringue” (2023), by Mireille Blanc.

The hanging is generous, the canvases delicious, the painting creamy… on the verge of disgusting, kitsch or identifiable. Take this slice of birthday cake, whose “frosting” (the name of the exhibition) reproduces a photo by Timothée Chalamet: the colors mingle like on a palette, the image blurs, the lure object blurs. diluted. Everywhere, foodstuffs and memories have already slipped into semi-abstraction, like this pavlova melted in the white of its Chantilly cream and meringue, these withering grapes, this chewing gum stranded on a hibiscus flower. At Mireille Blanc, fragments and zooms are extracted from photographed moments. The photos are cropped, reworked, printed and sometimes stained or taped to serve as a model. These attacks on the image, reproduced in painting, bring their enigma to the strangeness detected within everyday life. Cakes, sweatshirts from the 1980s or trinkets: the pleasure of the moment is swallowed up in the oil reproduction as well as the nostalgic awareness of its disappearance.

“Icing”. Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénichou, 45, rue Chapon, Paris 3e. Until October 21. Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Annesarahbenichou.com

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