Miroslav Strbak fights for life in the hospital. He is 32 years old

Miroslav Strbak has had 30 fights in professional MMA behind him. The athlete had his last fight in the Czech-Slovak federation Oktagon MMA, founded by Pavol Nerude and Ondrej Novotny. The 32-year-old faced three Poles in his career – first he lost to Adrian Zieliński at the Xcage6 gala, then he defeated Patryk Rogóż at Gape Fight Night 2 and had to recognize the superiority of Mateusz Legierski at Oktagon Prime 3.

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Miroslav Strbak fights for his life in the hospital. During training, he suffered a massive heart attack

Miroslav Strbak trained on Tuesday, January 4 at the Octagon Fighting Academy in Bratislava. At one point, the 32-year-old fainted and fell to the ground. His first aid was provided by his colleagues from the training room. After a longer resuscitation, the heart rate was restored and the player was transported to the hospital. There Miroslav Strbak was put into a pharmacological coma and he will fight for his life.

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The manager of Miroslava Strbak gave a short comment on the whole situation to the sport.sk portal. “We hope he will come out of it without consequences,” said Nina Sedlakova. During the week, Strbak worked on the construction site, and on Sunday he regenerated himself in the sauna. Strbak fought for the last time on January 30 last year at the Oktagon 21 gala. Then the 32-year-old defeated his compatriot Karol Rysavy after the judges’ decision.

Miroslav Strbak in one of the interviews from November last year said that he wants to return to the cage in March 2022. “I have had an anterior cruciate ligament surgery, but I am slowly returning to full fitness. I feel much better and, despite problems, I train as best as I can” – said the Slovak.

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