Mirri: “Let’s get out of the Zamparini logic. If the City wants our Dybala … “

The statements made by the president of Palermo: “Lotito hosted us”

“We have about five hundred young players between boys and girls. We must get out of the logic that was Zamparini’s: take Dybala by spending many millions and eventually resell it. It makes sense. We need a different path, to make Palermo a welcoming home for talents from all over the world, to grow “. Dario said it Mirriwho spoke to the microphones of “Corriere dello Sport” from withdrawal toEtihad Campus from Manchester.

Among the topics dealt with by the president of the Palermo also how the synergy with the City. “While we are in Manchester, in Palermo there are three of their managers to discover the mechanisms of our youth sector. They try to rationalize scouting, they send us the studies they draw up on the optimization of football in Italy. I hope that our football. is open to innovation. If Maradona, Falcao and Platini came to us and not now, we have something wrongher words.

NEW DYBALA –“The risk is that then we will find the new Dybala and the English will take it? For me it is an opportunity. No one like City has shown that they know how to increase the value of the players. Thanks to the group, our market is also expanding. The transfers between one team in the group and the other will respond to normal market dynamics, for example this year we had Claudio Gomes from City because he was the only suitable profile. When they want our Dybala in Manchester, they’ll pay us right. But we will be able to find this new Dybala much more easily thanks to the common scouting network “.

SPORTS CENTER –“We never had it. Without a home, without a place to produce talent, there is no future. Sicily has over five and a half million inhabitants and it is not possible to have a single player in Serie A. Furthermore, the region is a hub. where young people come from Africa, from the Middle East, from everywhere. We are a land of welcome. There is a lot of pain in these stories, but we can also find many opportunities “.

THE FIRST MEETING –“First meeting on March 8, signing at the beginning of July. We had already planned the construction of the sports center, chosen and partially paid for the land in Torretta (between Palermo and the airport, ed), obtained the permits. Soriano started immediately with the investment of six million. Or rather, five plus VAT. He designed the Mazzarella studio. We studied the sports center of Leeds and that of Lazio, where Lotito kindly hosted us for two days. We will have two natural grass pitches and a third synthetic one. It will not be gigantic, but avant-garde “, Mirri concluded.

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