‘Miss Sloane’, Jessica Chastain faces the gun lobby

In ‘Miss Sloane’, the director John Madden (who finds Chastain again after ‘The Debt’ in 2010) immerses us in the ruthless universe of lobbyists in Washington DC Jessica Chastain embodies Madeline Elizabeth Sloane, a lobbyist renowned for his connections, his unparalleled talent and his ability to always be one step ahead of his opponents. She is ready to do anything to win until the day she finds herself confronted to the gun lobby. A powerful and unscrupulous enemy with budgets that seem almost inexhaustible.

One day, a representative of the firearms lobby offers him to lead the campaign against the Heaton-Harris bill which plans toextend buyer psychiatric background checks to all firearm sales, in particular by courting the female electorate. Refusing to take part, because in favor of this regulation, she resigned to join the cabinet of Rodolfo Schmidt, who was campaigning in favor of the text. Miss Sloane will have to convince 16 senators

A golden role for Jessica Chastain

By many accounts, Jessica Chastain directs the film with such authority that it’s hard to imagine any other actress to portray the imperious and largely unsympathetic lead character. The actress is used to composition roles. In ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘, she played an agent responsible for locating Osama bin Laden. A obsessive character, exactly like this lobbyist ready to do anything to support a law restricting the carrying of firearms. To better understand how the lobbies work, the film crew observed them closely and some of them even took part in developing the script.

The screenwriter of the film, Jonathan Perera, explained that the research phase took much longer than the actual writing phase. If the character of Miss Sloane does not exist, the screenwriter was particularly inspired by her own mother: “Being raised by a very strong, independent woman gave me a very good role model to base Miss Sloane on, she’s incredibly smart, she works very fast, she’s stubborn, she’s a bit like a bulldog – she grabs something and doesn’t let go, she takes no prisoners“, but “the more deceptive and manipulative aspects come from my research into the lobbying world in general, and my desire to make the film as entertaining as possible“, explains Jonathan Perera. For his role in this film released in 2016Jessica Chastain was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a dramatic film.

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