Mission Impossible Fallout: Henry Cavill’s mustache cost millions of dollars!

This Thursday, 6 July, M6 broadcasts the sixth act in the saga Mission Impossible, Mission Impossible: Fallout, It stars Tom Cruise reprising his iconic role of Ethan Hunt, and it’s up to him to save the world once again. To do her a favor, to help her, or to betray her (your choice), Henry Cavill plays a CIA agent whose mustache costs a lot of money.

Tom Cruise first dressed as American detective Ethan Hunt in 1996 Impossible Goal, directed by Brian DePalma. a film in which he answered to Jean Reno and Emmanuel Béart and which grossed over $450 million worldwide. A success that gave ideas to Tom Cruise and Hollywood producers, who have since built a highly profitable franchise around the adventures of the most reckless detective in the United States.

Next Wednesday, July 12, the seventh work of this saga will be released, which is titled Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1, Which will be the last film of the franchise. For the occasion, M6 broadcasts again Mission Impossible: Fallout, the sixth part of the adventures of Ethan Hunt. In it, the detective must once again save the world, and for this he embarks on a great world tour, which takes him to Paris, where he meets CIA agent August Walker, embodied by Henry Cavill. A character whose iconic mustache cost the Warner Bros. studio a lot at the time.

mustache of discord

Actor Henry Cavill was the number one cast member of the superhero Superman for many years, until he was replaced by David Korenswet. before going on set for Mission Impossible: FalloutThe actor wore superhero blue tights for this film Justice League, However, the making of the blockbuster saw several changes and some scenes had to be re-shot.

Henry Cavill called back in the middle of filming Mission Impossible: Fallout to reprise the role of Superman. That’s where the actor found himself facing a major problem: Superman is always clean, or so his contract with Paramount, the studio that produces Impossible GoalBets were made that the actor would have to keep his moustache, no matter what. It was then Warner Bros., which used to produce the studio Justice League, The decision was made to leave his mustache for Henry Cavill and remove it in post-production due to special effects. The effects cost the studio a modest sum… $24 million. Which is quite an expensive price for a simple moustache, which Henry Cavill chose to wear, even though he shaved it off at the end of filming. Impossible Goal It was a joyous moment for the actor, as he revealed on Instagram at the time: “Over time I’ve grown to like that, but I’m also very happy to have my face”,

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