Mission Impossible, the teaser trailer of the new film, finally

Ethan Hunt is ready to get back into action. The last chapter of Mission Impossiblethe adventure thriller saga starring Tom Cruisewas released in 2018, titled Fallout. After the various delays due to the pandemic, now the seventh film of this series is about to arrive, which will be titled Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, Part 1 (where the subtitle stands for “showdown”). This is a first part, in fact, which will be disseminated in July 2023, while the second, which should also act as a definitive epilogue, will arrive in June of the following year. Fresh from the recent success of the revival Top Gun: Maverickpresented with great fanfare at Cannes, Cruise wasted no time in launching the teaser trailer of his latest effort in the past few hours, which summarizes all the key elements of the saga, including daring chases, double games and breathtaking views.


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The anticipation begins with a tough confrontation. Hunt is indeed cornered by Eugene Kittridgethe director of the IMF, the spy agency to which he belongs, who tells him: “The days of fighting for the so-called common good are over. We have a chance to check the truth. Choose your side“, intimates the portrayed character, as well as in the very first Mission Impossible of 1996, from Henry Czerny. In this mission that will confront him with his own ideals, Hunt will also find other old acquaintances, such as Benji Dunn and Luther Stickellplayed by veterans Simon Pegg and Ving Rhamesbut above all the Ilsa Faust by Rebecca Fergusonhere clearly his new flame (although in some scenes we see her with the eye patch and in others fighting against the same Hunt, so maybe we should expect flashbacks and time jumps).

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