Mister Felicità / On Rai 2 the film with Alessandro Siani and Diego Abatantuono

Mister Happiness it goes broadcast today, April 7, from 9.20 pm on Rai 2. This film debuted in Italian cinemas in 2017 and belongs to the comedy genre. The director of this film turns out to be the comedian Alessandro Siani who also wrote the screenplay together with Fabio Bonifacci. Within the cast of the film there are numerous very famous actors in Italy such as the aforementioned Alessandro Siani, Diego Abatantuono, Carla Signoris, Elena Cucci, Cristina Dell’Anna, Yari Gagliucci, David Zed and Pippo Lorusso. The music for the film was made by Umberto Scipione while the photography was curated by Paolo Carnera.

Mister Felicità, the plot of the film: without the desire to work

We read the plot from Mister Happiness. Martino De Simone is a boy of Neapolitan origins who lives in Switzerland with his sister Caterina. Martino spends his days doing nothing and enjoys activities that many consider futile. The boy does not have a permanent job and does not seem to have any desire to work. However, one day Catherine, his sister, has a bad accident with the car. For this reason, Catherine cannot work. So, in order to pay expenses and carry on the family, Martino is forced to find a job or a job that can finally make him earn something. In detail, Martino takes the place of Caterina as a cleaning man in the office of Dr. Gioia, a renowned mental coach.

Taking advantage of Doctor Gioia’s vacation, Martino pretends to be his assistant and makes himself known as Mister Felicità. He then begins to take the doctor’s place and meets Arianna, a beautiful skater who has lost faith in her means. With her alternative ways, Martino manages to make Azzurra happy and a good relationship seems to be established between the two that goes beyond professional friendship. However, the day of Doctor Gioia’s return arrives. What will be the consequences for the newborn Mr. Happiness? Well, as they say, all is well that ends well!

The video of the trailer for the film Mister Felicità


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