MIUI has never been so popular. Xiaomi broke the record!

The expansion of Xiaomi is gaining momentum – the MIUI overlay has broken the record in terms of the number of active users, and this is just the beginning of the proper development of the interface.

What to measure smartphone manufacturers with if not numbers? The numbers arranged in a row are one of the best success stories, not only in the smartphone industry – how does the MIUI overlay fall into this criterion? It turns out sensational.

MIUI triumphs

Xiaomi has led her to develop the state in which there are as many as 500 million active users of MIUI … per month. It has not been so good in the history of the manufacturer and there is something to be happy about – apart from the mishaps with advertising and smaller shortcomings, MIUI is one of the favorite overlays also in Poland.

photo: Xiaomi

It was a long process for Xiaomi to reach this stage – the road from just 100 users in 2010 to 100 million took almost equal five years. Later it went faster and hundreds of millions more fell faster.

Recently, MIUI has been developing rapidly, because the jump from 400 to 500 million active devices took 10 months. If the upcoming premiere of MIUI 13 proves to be a success, the bubble of one billion users could burst faster than we think – and I sincerely wish that Xiaomi.

Live wallpapers, very high efficiency, elegance and limiting bloatware (apps installed by the company at the start) are just some of the positives of MIUI. However, there is still a lot to fix – stability and long-term support among others – but Xiaomi is on the way to making its system the most popular in the world.

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