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MMAeveryone has heard these three letters pronounced at least once in their life, an acronym for one discipline that is becoming more and more popular in every corner of the world. But what is it about? MMA or mixed martial arts it is a discipline that mixes together different fighting techniquestechniques that draw inspiration as the name itself implies from the different martial arts known. Although there is a lot of talk about it ei mixed martial arts champions are now famous, most people do not know every secret of MMA. The following is one short (but exhaustive) guide discovering this discipline.

What are mixed martial arts?

To understand what are mixed martial artswe must start from the definition given by the La Figmma official website (Italian mixed martial arts grappling federation), which manages MMAs in Italy. On the site they are defined as one full contact combat sports which includes several striking techniques, including punches, kicks, knees, as well as grappling techniques, then strangulations, joint levers and similar. This sport provides the standing combat, but also on the ground. Discipline So what martial arts does MMA include? The answer is thai boxing, boxing, jiu jitsu.


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The moves of mixed martial arts

Thai boxing, boxing, jiu jitsu… Just because all of these martial arts are part of MMA, it comes naturally believe that all moves are allowed, that all shots are accepted by regulation. Without a doubt in MMA A wide range of shots are allowed, but it is incorrect to say that everything is true. Also here There are rules which must absolutely be respected. I’m in fact bites, scratches and fingers in the eyes are prohibitedas well as the knees to the head, elbows and butt heads. THE shots excluded however they also depend on the category and belts. Depending on level therefore some shots could be allowed, shots that at the lower levels are considered out of order.

What is the difference between MMA and UFC?

With all these acronyms it is normal to get a little confused. In this case, however, understand the difference is much simpler than you might think. The MMA are in fact the mixed martial arts while theUFC is a martial arts organization mixed US, the most important in the world. UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship.

How to start mixed martial arts?

First of all it is essential to go in search of one mixed martial arts gym in your city. It is about specialized gymsbecome more and more numerous over the years. Go talk to the instructor and ask to be able see a workout firsthand, so you can understand if this might really be the type of training for you. If you are convinced, buy everything you need.

It is indeed important to have not only the right clothing, but above all the right protective accessories. You will need to MMA pants in microfiber with side slits which excellently facilitate movements and one rashguarda technical shirt that is a lot snug and elastic. As protective accessories, the MMA gloves with bands to wear underneath, the mouthguardthe seashell for men and the paraseno for women, the knee pads and also the protective helmet.


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How mixed martial arts training works

After an initial phase of heatingwe move on to athletic training real which provides real fights against your fellow students in order to fine-tune the different techniques that you need to bring into play, but also aerobic and muscular efforts. Exercises can be done a free bodybut they can also include the use of tools, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes. During a mixed martial arts training a lot is also done stretchingin order to increase muscle elasticity.

The best mixed martial arts movies

Between best mixed martial arts movies we must remember Never Back Downof 2008. Undoubtedly it is a film that allows you to understand mixed martial arts in depth, arts for which talent is needed, arts which, however, must never be faced with anger. In fact, anger can only and exclusively bring trouble. The beauty of this film is that the first chapter of a trilogythe ideal choice for one beautiful MMA themed marathon.

We must then also remember Warriorfrom 2011, written and directed by Gavin O’Connor, the story of a boy hasn’t seen his father for 14 years but decides to look for him because he has need a great coach for an MMA tournament, the Sparta tournament. Equally interesting Bruised – Struggle to livea 2021 film about female mixed martial arts. In fact, the protagonist is the fighter Jackie “Justice”played by Halle Berry. Without forgetting then Master strokes with Salma Hayek, a comedy starring a biology professor willing to do anything to save a colleague’s course. He needs to earn $ 48,000 quickly to succeed and so he decides to attend MMA meetings.

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