MMV 205 Last week of adventure

This past week was very eventful for the crew in this Europ’Raid 2023. The search for the last European countries of the raid, the solidarity action and the accident in Bulgaria which forced the MMV 205 team to completely change their organization with very long stages.

Europe’Red 2023: arrival and solidarity action in Bulgaria

This Friday, August 11, after a stop at the Bell Park not far from Sofia, home to an impressive collection of more than 70 bells from around the world symbolizing world peace, we continued our journey to the Bulgarian capital. However, the highlight of the day was our solidarity action in Karlovo.

This Bulgarian city, facing economic and social difficulties, was the site of our initiative in partnership with the “Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley” association. This association works with passion for the education and well-being of the youth in the region.

It was an emotional day as we collected over 3000kg of school supplies, medical equipment, toys and clothes. The purpose of these charities is to help underprivileged youth in Karlovo, to bring a ray of light into their lives. This day reminds us of the importance of reaching out to the needy and sharing what we have. The MMV 205 team is proud to have contributed to a positive change.

Day two in Bulgaria: crash and outfit changes

While this Saturday, August 12, began with the sun setting towards the House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Vianni, Malo and Maxime did not expect to lose their vehicle during the day. In fact, shortly after noon, on a busy road as they headed towards Romania, several cars came into them, forcing them to stop, but it was too late…

Not having enough time to react, his Peugeot 205 hit the vehicle in front. Fortunately, there was only physical damage and no injuries. Meanwhile, the car will not go, because the repairs are too expensive or it is not possible to send it back to France.

Thanks to Crews 285 (Human Raid) and 63 (Versingetto Raid), Maxim and Malo will be able to continue the adventure together as these two crews follow each other. Vianney, for his part, prefers to return to France. So it’s a new road trip that awaits the remaining members of MMV 205. The day will conclude with an overnight visit to Bucharest before returning to the bivouac.

Sunday 13 and Monday 14, transition phase in Hungary

Sunday is marked by the spectacular turns of the Transfagarasan, one of the most beautiful roads in the world, at the top of which is Lake Capra. Monday is devoted to a visit to Timisoara, the third largest city in Romania.

After this, the three crews left for Budapest. Divided in two by the Danube, it is one of the oldest European cities, with a very rich architectural heritage, notably the Chain Bridge, the Parliament and the large Square of Heroes which will host the arrival a week after the marathon. The World Athletics Championships are being held in the Hungarian capital.

Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16, Slovakia under construction towards Prague

Tuesday marked the day of crossing Slovakia and reaching the Crispino Bivouk in Poland. Due to our late arrival, we opted to leave for Krakow the very next morning.

So, around 8:00 a.m., in the cool, the reconstructed crew visits Krakow, Poland’s most beautiful city, which was also the country’s capital until the 17th century. Later in the day, after 500 km, the trip to Prague will be the real favorite of the MMV 205, despite the rain. Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Lennon Wall and other magnificent buildings with great architecture.

Thursday 17, the youth capital of Berlin

This Thursday, Malo and Maxime begin their journey to Berlin from the Olympic Stadium. Built for the 1936 Olympic Games, Olympiastadion is rich in history. It was here that Usain Bolt broke the 100m world record. Today it is the home of Hertha Berlin.

Then, it is on an electric scooter that they will visit the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag as well as the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall, passing through Checkpoint Charlie, a crossing point between the American and Soviet part. Of the city

Friday 18th, last day of visit to the Netherlands

For this last day before the finale, the crew will stop in the fishing village of Volendam for a meal and discover a typical Dutch village by the sea. The day will end with you joining the Red Dinguze team at 205, a crew that has packed their bags every day this past week, to enjoy a last evening at the restaurant to cap off this spectacular adventure.

return to france

The final day is marked by a visit to Brussels before returning to France in Beauvais, where the finale took place. It was a sumptuous meal time between the staff and the organization who worked every day for 3 weeks to make this tour of Europe a wonderful trip for all.

We would like to end by thanking all our colleagues who have been with us on this adventure, you readers who have followed our adventures through these columns and finally France for trusting us and allowing us to tell you Many thanks to the racing team. about our adventures.

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