Mom dies during the plane flight in front of her children, they thought she was just sleeping

They believed themselves sleeping it actually was dead. Helen Rhodes, mother of two children, she died in front of her loved ones while traveling on a airplane from Hong Kong to the UK. The woman was returning to London after living in Japan for 15 years but when they were flying the family members noticed something wrong and made the terrible discovery.

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The woman remained motionless for hours, but her family thought she was sleeping, when in fact the nap was actually too long, they tried to wake her up, however, realizing that she was not conscious. Unfortunately, too many hours had passed when her husband realized that she was no longer breathing. The man immediately tried to revive her with the help of flight attendants, but without success.

The body of Helen remained in the seat for 8 hours, until it was possible to land and drop off the family in Frankfurt. Ms. Rhodes’s body was taken in Germany, while her husband and two children had to continue their journey to the UK without her.

The shocking story unfolded before the eyes of her children and now, a friend of the woman, has opened an online fundraising page to support her loved ones who will also have to face the costs of repatriating the body. The causes of the woman’s death are not yet known.

Last updated: Wednesday 10 August 2022, 4:12 pm


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