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by Danilo Viganò

The Women’s Elimination competition starts off on the wrong foot and is suspended by the European Championships Jury about halfway through. A series of falls, which also involves our Letizia Paternoster world champion in charge of the specialty, leads to the decision to stop the race for the title.

Moments of apprehension for Letizia Paternoster victim of a fall along with other competitors. The blue has always been conscious but for a few moments she was unable to recognize the facial features of the people around her. Letizia seems to have suffered no fractures but abrasions to her right shoulder, wounds on her face and in all parts of her body. However, the worst seems to have passed and at this moment the blue is assisted by the medical staff: the thirty of her have been transported to the hospital for checks.

With her the federal doctor Antonio Angelucci and her father, present in the stands and who was able to accompany her on the way to the hospital. Updates on her condition will follow.

The athletes return to the track after the Jury has completed all the necessary formalities and the Elimination test resumes with more than 45 minutes of delay on the scheduled time. The title is won by the Belgian Lotte Kopecky who surpasses the British Pfiffer Georgi silver medal. Third place and bronze for Dutch Mylene De Zoete.

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