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The delegate for tourism of the Municipality of Procida Leonardo Costagliola announced: “A pact of friendship sealed by culture, music and contamination. An extraordinary weekend, the one we experienced in Moncalieri on the occasion of the 25th edition of the Jazz Festival. The welcome in the council chamber of the Municipality of Moncalieri was great and warm, given to us by the Mayor Paolo Montagna, the Councilor for Culture and Tourism Laura POMPEO and all the administrators. Procida and Moncalieri are united by an institutional friendship pact, by a cultural connection that binds us to Alessandro Baricco, artistic director of Maretica and by cultural connections linked to the Moncalieri Jazz Festival, which has represented an artistic and musical added value to our journey from Capital. The friendship and cultural passion for their territories, which Marco Basso (journalist from Procida of origin) and Ugo Viola (Artistic Director of the Festival) have always expressed and carried forward for years, have allowed us to outline the path of this important project ”.

The exponent of the municipal council led by mayor Ambrosino then added: “The emotions experienced were many, reaching their climax on the final evening of the Festival, in which Procidan musicians such as Francesco Trio, Donato Scotto di Monaco, Mimmo Costagliola and the maestro Pietro de Asmundis, together with three young musicians from Moncalieri, led by the accordionist Ugo Viola, interpreted the Procidana and the Postman in an unedited version, giving the audience an extraordinary artistic performance. All this was made possible thanks to the will of Giovanni Scotto di Carlo and Domenico Scotto d’Abusco, who believed in this project together with me, giving us their maximum collaboration. A special thanks to Luigi Ratclif with whom we got in tune and who will soon come to visit us, together we will create new relationships and contaminations. Culture unites, creates bonds, strengthening human relationships with a view to creating and generating new cultural osmoses for the enhancement of our communities”.

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