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It is the most loved fairy tale by children all over the world, also loved by Disney producers who, after making one of the most important animated films in the history of cinema in 1950, decided 65 years later to make this “live action ”. Let’s talk about “Cinderella” a timeless fairy tale that Rai1 proposes tomorrow in prime time at 21.25, in the version of director Kenneth Branagh, who after a career dedicated largely to grandiose Shakespearean adaptations, is confronted for the first time with the fairytale tradition. The story is well known: in this version Cinderella is called Ella and lives with her stepmother and sisters, by whom she is traditionally mistreated. By chance, in a forest, the first encounter with the prince takes place, who does not identify himself and introduces himself as Kit, but then decides to find the mysterious girl he had fallen in love with. A dance is called, her family attends, but Ella is humiliated by her stepmother who rips off her dress. The fairy godmother will solve the problem by providing the girl with a carriage, clothes and a mysterious identity. All until midnight, though. Branagh’s good directorial work is supported by an intelligent and brilliant cast: above all Kate Blanchett as the stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter, enchanting fairy godmother, who surround this Cinderella with magic and grace.

The last chapter in the saga of Maria Theresa, archduchess and first empress of Austria, the film “Maria Theresa – The pinnacle of power” will be premiered tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 3. Mother of the emperors Joseph II and Leopold II, of the Queen of France Marie Antoinette and the Queen of Naples and Sicily Maria Carolina, she conquered all who knew her for her beauty, intelligence, strong character and friendliness. Despite not having received a political education, from a young age she showed an interest in law and philosophy. As a woman, Maria Theresa had to fight to keep the Crown, which was rightfully hers, after the death of her father Charles VI in 1740. Having gained power, she began a series of reforms in her kingdom and, thanks to the marriages of her children, extends the influence of the house of Habsburg Lorraine over all of Europe. Her first marriage is that between Giuseppe, her eldest son, and Isabella of Parma. After the wedding, Isabella falls in love with Mimì, Giuseppe’s sister, and even if she gives birth to a girl, her desperation does not stop. After giving birth, she voluntarily contracted smallpox and died. A second marriage to Josephine of Bavaria was arranged for Giuseppe. But Joseph refuses to consummate the marriage.

Johannes Gutenberg and the birth of modern printing: the technological and entrepreneurial adventure of a man who changed the world with his invention is at the center of “Gutenberg and the printing revolution”, broadcast tomorrow at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia with the introduction by Professor Alessandro Barbero. The German goldsmith and entrepreneur Johannes Gutenberg has committed all his resources and his network of contacts to create a revolutionary invention: printing with movable typefaces, individual letters that can be composed into words, sentences, lines and pages. The contribution of book and publishing historians, the judicial and notarial archives, the in-depth analysis of the very first books printed with the new technique have made it possible to reconstruct the most significant moments in the life of Gutenberg, a tenacious and enterprising man, dedicated researcher and shrewd businessman, capable not only of conceiving an entire industrial process, but also of finding partners, financing and innovative commercial formulas for the development of his revolutionary invention.

On Rai1 Kazakhstan at ‘The World through Overland’s eyes’ – On Rai3 ‘Quante Storie’

The journey of Beppe and Filippo Tenti continues in Kazakhstan for tomorrow’s episode of “The World with the eyes of Overland”, the docu-travel produced by Rai Cultura, broadcast at 11.30 pm on Rai 1. A dive into the past to get to know one of symbols of national identity, as well as one of the most incredible finds in Kazakh history: the “Golden Man”. His discovery changed the perception of the nomadic society, whose traditions are still alive and transmitted to young Kazakhs thanks to cultural centers that safeguard them from oblivion, from generation to generation. This precious heritage has been endangered by the cultural flattening imposed by the Soviet regime, and for this reason, a visit to the Alzhir museum, near the capital Astana, to commemorate the tragedies that took place in the Gulag, will not be missing. Finally, a time jump back 2000 years in the archaeological site of Otrar to then return to the present enchanted by the natural beauties: from the geological conformations of the Aktau Mountains, to the alpine lake of Kaindy, up to the Charyn Canyon. The contributions of the Italian ambassador in Almaty and the Kazakh ambassador in Rome complete this new way of seeing and appreciating an invisible giant in the heart of Central Asia.

The demographic decline that Italy is going through is not only a social and economic issue, but affects the psychology of individuals of reproductive age and especially that of women. On “Quante Storie”, the Rai Cultura program, broadcast tomorrow at 12.25 on Rai 3, a journalist, Simonetta Sciandivasci, a writer, Elena Stancanelli and a philosopher, Michela Marzano, wonder about the different paths that lead many Italians to not have children and dialogue with Giorgio Zanchini on the reasons, often linked to a critical idea of ​​the family, of those who voluntarily choose not to become a mother.

Michael Portillo continues his thousand-mile journey from upstate Minnesota to the home of the Blues in Memphis, Tennessee, in “Next Stop America,” airing tomorrow at 8.20pm on Rai 5. At the Palmer House Hotel, Michael recreates the original Brownie chocolate, invented by Bertha Palmer in 1893. He then discovers the origins of the Sanitary Canal and Navalem and the story of an incredible civil engineering project that raised the city to new heights. On the trail of one of America’s most famous railroad names, Michael heads south to Pullman, to investigate the legacy of its founder, George Pullman. In addition to the Kankakee River, Michael is invited to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home that changed the face of American architecture.

Live funeral of Benedict XVI on Rai1 and Rai Vaticano – On Rai Radio3 on Radio3 Mondo ‘The hundred women who will change Africa’

It will be entirely dedicated to the solemn funeral of the Pope Emeritus tomorrow morning on Rai 1, starting at 8.30, organized by Tg1 and Rai Vaticano. In the studio, Giorgia Cardinaletti, while the commentary from Piazza San Pietro will be curated by Ignazio Ingrao and Giuseppe Lavenia. Furthermore, from 9.00am live coverage of the funeral in the RaiNews24 Special with guests and envoys – which will also be translated into Italian Sign Language – and on

A few days before the start of the new year, when one takes stock of the past and analyzes the prospects for the future, a list of women arrives who are paving the way for a profound change in the African continent. Entrepreneurs, activists, journalists, artists, sportsmen, diplomats: heroines chosen by Avance Media, which through its women’s empowerment project, “Be A Girl”, has created this annual publication to highlight and celebrate the 100 most influential African women. On “Radio3 Mondo”, broadcast tomorrow at 11.00, Giulia De Luca will talk about it with Giuseppe Taibi, journalist for Africa Rivista, Africa e Affari and the InfoAfrica agency. The women selected by Advance Media have climbed the corporate ladder, started their own business or have been at the forefront of decision-making both locally and internationally. Among the most influential women is the former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, already crowned by Newsweek. The list continues with the Cameroonian Françoise Moudouthe, managing director of the African Women’s Development Fund, with the Mozambican Graça Machel, widow of the South African president Nelson Mandela and of the Mozambique president Samora Machel, advocate for women’s and children’s rights and by South African Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, undersecretary general of the United Nations and executive director of Un Women. Courageous figures who inspire the next generations and who lead the change. There are 100 of them, they are dreamers with a great practical sense, they are the women who symbolize an Africa that looks towards the future and challenges the status quo.

On the day of the funeral of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Rai Cultura pays homage to him with the 2019 edition of the Scala Christmas Concert directed by John Eliot Gardiner, broadcast tomorrow at 10.00 on Rai 5. In the programme, ‘L’enfance du Christ’ , Sacred Trilogy op. 25 for soloists, chorus and orchestra by Hector Berlioz. In the cast Allan Clayton, Anne Hallenberg, Lionel Lhote, Nicolas Courjal, Thomas Dolié. The TV direction is by Arnalda Canali.

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