Monia et al Hadj, a professional, about the profession of intimacy coordinator

movie theater – “Nipple Police”, This is the nickname given to the Intimacy Coordinator in the series. Sculpture, In Episode 1, while the singer, played by Lily-Rose Depp, is in the middle of a photo shoot for her next album, she decides to open up her kimono even more and lets her nipples show.

The privacy coordinator then comes between her and the photographer and explains that she cannot show that much as it is not written in the nudity clause she signed. She is made fun of by all the other characters and is locked in the toilet for the rest of the photoshoot.

According to the French Intimacy Coordinator Monia et al Hadj, this view gives a completely wrong representation of the profession: “It seems that the intimacy coordinator and singer have never spoken. In real life, he would know how far he is willing to go.” she tells us In the video interview at the top of the article.

The series participates in portraying the profession as an authority of censorship, while on the contrary it exists to help actors and actresses dispose of their bodies in the best possible circumstances, as they see fit: “Never would an intimacy coordinator say ‘no, hide that chest from me,’ that’s not realistic at all.” It spreads.

a choreographed intimacy

Intimacy coercion emerged in the United States in 2017, coinciding with the #MeToo wave, to secure the filming of so-called intimacy scenes. the role of the coordinator “Ensuring everyone’s consent and creating a professional environment for preparation and filming” Regarding these sequences, Monia et al Hadj explain.

It can contain scenes of nudity, simulated sex acts, simple kissing, but can also be a mother breastfeeding her child or someone who has scars on their body and wants to hide them. “The notion of intimacy is too broad”she says.

Before filming, intimate scenes are choreographed and the coordinator ensures that the director’s wishes respect the boundaries expressed by each actor: “The goal is to ensure that there is no embarrassment on the day of the shoot. We make sure that the actors know in advance where they are going to hit.” Monia Ait El Hadj says.

an essential profession

Even though this profession is slowly coming to France, it is not always well understood and feared by some. to Monia et El Hadj, who is one of the first intimacy coordinators in France and has worked on Emily in Paris Or an area to defendNevertheless it is necessary.

“We often compare it to stunt coordination. We are not going to throw someone down the stairs without preparing minimum things as he may get injured,” she compares. , It’s the same with scenes of intimacy, even if the wounds are not physical but emotional.”

And if directors and producers are still sometimes reluctant to hire an intimacy coordinator on their sets, a new generation of actors can no longer imagine doing without one: “When I tell them that I have been doing this for four years, they are always very surprised and ask me how we did it before”, Rejoices Monia et al Hajj.

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