Monica Bellucci “a woman like all the others”: “I am a mother who tries to arrange everything”

Monica Bellucci is back on the big screen! On August 28, Monica Bellucci will be in the cast of mafia mammaa detective comedy by Catherine Hardwicke. For the occasion, the 58-year-old actress indulged in Cinema-TV-Review and looked back on her rich career. The Italian also spoke about her evolution as a woman since the start of her career in 1991. “Somehow I haven’t really changed. What I have more today are my daughtersshe was particularly moved. “You know, I am a woman like all the others. I’m an actress, but I’m also a mom trying to fit everything in her life.… children, work, travel, private life… everything!”

mother of Deva and Léonie Cassel, now aged 18 and 13, Monica Bellucci indeed tries to be present for them as much as possible. Recently victim of those who flog the “nepo babies”, these “sons and daughters of” who follow in the footsteps of their parents thanks to the address books of the latter, the eldest of Vincent Cassel had been defended by her mother in the columns of She end of June : “Deva always says, ‘There are families of doctors, lawyers, craftsmen… and families of artists.’ She breathes cinema, has always lived in cinema: at home, we talk about films, film sets…”had thus assured the companion of Tim Burton. “She might do something else later, who knows? But when you’re a child of, you know, the bar goes even higher.”

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Deva Cassel on the way to her famous parents

It must be said that barely major, Deva Cassel is already leading a very promising double career. Model for the greatest creators, she will soon make her first appearances in the cinema. Muse of the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana, the young woman obtained her baccalaureate in September 2022. At each of her last fashion shows, as a few months ago during Paris Fashion Week, or that of Milan, the beautiful brunette , the spitting image of his mother, impresses.

In mafia mamma, Monica Bellucci plays alongside Toni Collette. The latter plays an American who inherits her grandfather’s mafia empire. Guided by the “Consigliere” (right arm of the Godfather) to which the Italian character of Bianca (Bellucci) belongs, she surprises everyone by becoming the new head of the family business.


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