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by Ilaria Amato

No, Monica Vitti will never die, simply because someone who is already immortal cannot die. A necessary thing to do, however, after her death is to celebrate her in order to pass on her knowledge, especially to the younger ones. When the great ones disappear, there are different ways to deal with their loss: often we focus on memory, other times on the importance of the artist, still others on heredity. In the case of Maria Luisa Ceciarelli, who became Monica Vitti, what remains is a dazzling modernity, almost incredible considering the years that have passed and the revolution that has taken place in the last thirty years. Yet it takes very little – an image or an old poster – to be struck by the timeless face of the actress, so much so that if you go and see the posters of Modesty Blaise – The beautiful who kills, taken from the strips by Peter O’Donnell, the Vitti looks even younger and more modern than Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. Possible? Yes. And what about the alienation of Antonioni and the monologues of Deserto rosso? Do they not speak of today?

“But why do I always have to need others? I must be stupid. Do you know what I want? All the people who have loved me, have them here around me like a wall”. She knew how to be beautiful and then enigmatic, mysterious, tormented, but at a certain point there was the comic, irregular, almost Chaplinian mask with that wonderful Roman spirit that made the splendor even more evident and made her an even more authentic woman. Precisely for this reason, today evening of the Hot Corn Summer Festival, the festival staged in Rome until June 28, on the Lungotevere, the film we have chosen to show to the public is Teresa the thief by Carlo Di Palma who, for those who do not will be at the festival, it is visible for free on CHILI by scanning the QR below. Shot in 1973, the film is based on Memories of a Thief, a novel published by Dacia Maraini a year earlier and inspired by an inmate known by the writer in 1969 in an investigation into the condition of Italian women’s prisons.

Vitti plays Teresa Numa in Nardecchia, daughter of a peasant from Lazio, war widow and mother forced to steal to live. Two hours of cinema in which Vitti is flanked by Stefano Satta Flores, Carlo Delle Piane and a young Michele Placido on a journey poised between drama and comedy. “Christmas had come, New Year’s Eve had come, the Befana had come, then Ferragosto. By now I understood that Tonino had never loved me. He says, and why did it take you so long Terè? Eh, it took me so long because one tries de died as late as possible “.

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